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What kind of advanced training would you recommend for getting into the culinary field?

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7 answers

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Joe’s Answer

The best advice I can give you is get a job at the best restaurant that you can. Work your butt off, and make sure it's what you want to dedicate a significant portion of your time/life to. The farther you progress in the kitchen, the more of your life it demands!

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Priya’s Answer

For degreed professionals, the employment landscape within the hospitality industry is vital and varied. Chefs can climb to prominent positions as supervisors and chef/managers within the kitchen, but management roles throughout the industry are also filled by professional chefs. An Associate’s or Bachelor’s would give you a solid trajectory toward any of these jobs.

Executive Chef
Sous Chef
Banquet Chef
Pastry Chef
Food Production Manager
Purchasing Manager
Private Club and Resort Manager
Institutional Food Service
Contract Food Service
Dietary Manager
Food and Beverage Director
Catering Director

Hope this helps!

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Kenji’s Answer

I would strongly recommend attending some more advanced cooking seminars with high level artisanry focused chefs. In kitchen it invariably comes down to the food. Other things are important yes and be learned. Those typically more administrative things can be learned and don't change much. There will always be demand for culinary innovation and ideas until the day you leave the kitchen.

Making cheese/other dairy based specialties
Artisan Baking/Sour Dough
Pickles, relishes, other larder specialties
Breaking down whole animals
French Traditional Cuisine
Pasta making
Foraging groups
Fish cooking

If your speed, power, and organization are on par then these types of knowledge and experience will make you competitive in facing more of the culinary creativity demands you may encounter.

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James’s Answer

Culinary school is a great foundation and starting point but true culinary growth and learning happen while you work! Although often you'll be cooking many of the same dishes, there is time to learn and grow your craft as well. Working with other motivated chefs in an establishment that promotes creativity is where most of the new techniques and skills develop.

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Matt’s Answer

In the food industry, you still can get into and progress in the field with no advanced training or schooling. It just takes more time. To become a chef there usually is some need to have a culinary degree. You can get that from 2 yr or 4 yr program. Most great chefs have a culinary degree with lots of fieldwork.

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Dada’s Answer

Hi Vincent,

While some people may strive in the kitchen, there are opportunities for those who love cooking to make a living outside culinary arts. The career in Culinary is quite faithful & also a lucrative one as you climb up the ladder.
Meanwhile Apprentice or Bachelor’s degree would give you a solid different opportunities in the culinary / cooking industry jobs

Please check the below link for some of the options you have ,


Cheers !

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Jared’s Answer

The line is in fact the most excellent training anyone can get relative to becoming a true culinary artist/expert. With the pressure of becoming exceptional at prep alongside the direction of an inspired creative chef you can develop you own kitchen course. Be patient and attentive to detail.. my only other advice is learn all you can about what you are preparing from your growers your butchers and your suppliers. Know your food.