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Kenji Salz

Chef and Consultant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
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Tawsif Jun 26, 2020 682 views

How to get right advice to start a career in USA?

I will be moving USA in two years from Bangladesh. I am working in 5* hotels in Bangladesh. How can I get a start in USA when I be there. Any training do you recommend me to start from now?#hoteliers #hotels #career #freelncer

Alyx’s Avatar
Alyx Jun 22, 2020 904 views

What experience do I need to be a sous chef?

#culinary #restaurants

Marcell’s Avatar
Marcell Mar 03, 2020 577 views

I'm from South Africa. What do I need to get in order to work overseas as a commis chef?

I am a commis/trainee chef. I have less than 1 year's experience. I am a sporty guy . I spend most my time in the kitchen trying new things. When I'm not in the kitchen I surf or relax at the beach. I like new ventures. I have a roll-up-my-sleeves attitude. I enjoy spicy service times. I am...

jerry’s Avatar
jerry Mar 02, 2020 537 views

how much do you make doing culinary art

#cooking #culinary

jerry’s Avatar
jerry Mar 02, 2020 661 views

how long does it take to be a food service manager

#culinary #chef

Erika’s Avatar
Erika Mar 03, 2020 874 views

Chef need to go to College?

I love to cook, and being organized #culinary. #chef

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Feb 24, 2020 540 views

What is the highest paying position and degree a head chef can get?

My passion is cooking. I'm trying to know everything there is to know about this occupation and whats the furthest i can get in this particular field.
#chef #culinary-arts #culinary #cooking

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Feb 21, 2020 720 views

What is the best startegy for Landing a job with zero work experience?

#first-job #job #career #internship #career-development

Asra’s Avatar
Asra Feb 05, 2020 1894 views

Do I choose culinary arts or psychology as a career?

I love cooking and baking a lot, but psychology interests me as well. However, studying psychology is very different from pursuing it as a career. I'm really confused what do I do? #psychology #culinary

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Dec 05, 2019 703 views

What kind of advanced training would you recommend for getting into the culinary field?

#chef #culinary

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Jan 13, 2020 609 views

what educational level is required for culinary arts?

#chef #artist #culinary

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Dec 10, 2019 489 views

As a possible restaurant owner what made you take that leap of faith and actually open your business?

#culinary #chef #cooking #culinary-arts #business