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Matt Fitzgerald

Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Gabriela Aug 31, 2021 438 views

On bussines for cooking how much does I need to start a restaurant?

#chef #cosmetology #culinary

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Cecelia Jun 02, 2020 636 views

What did you wish you knew before starting out in this field?

#anthropology #urbanplanning #sustainability

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Dec 05, 2019 701 views

What kind of advanced training would you recommend for getting into the culinary field?

#chef #culinary

Alfred’s Avatar
Alfred Sep 13, 2019 418 views

How much do you want to have after making the food

Why i start to cook was because, i love making more things out of it.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jan 20, 2018 744 views

What places can I work after receiving a degree in food science?

I want to pursue a career in food science, but I'm unsure of where I can get internships or jobs related to my field. Would love to know so I can plan my future better!
#food #food-science #science

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Marissa Nov 20, 2019 483 views

What is the average salary of a cook

How difficult is it to run a bakery
What is the average salary of a cook
How long does it take to be a cook

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Jul 17, 2019 529 views

What are current job prospects like?

Hi I'm a student at Job Corps training in Culinary. I'm planning on opening up my own coffee shop one day. #Culinary