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What job would be the most fulfilling for me?

I like plants, animals, space exploration, and music. music job space singer animals plants

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3 answers

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Kenneth’s Answer


This might be a crazy recommendation, but I recommend checking out jobs in the music industry. There is a whole field for music therapy that includes animals.

Music can relax animals and soothe separation anxiety, hyperactivity and mild forms of aggression. It can hep soothe their mood as well which will help them feel more at peace with their environments.

Hope this helps!
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Alana’s Answer

Hey there,

The environment, space exploration, and music are all fantastic passions that you have. I have some thoughts on how you can reach a place of fulfillment, but generally finding something fulfilling in life is a practice of self discovery you need to spend time on.

For me, fulfillment means that I feel passion in what I am doing, I feel like I am contributing to society, and I feel like I need nothing more. I challenge you to dig deep and uncover what fulfillment may mean to you. It may exhibit similar characteristics of how I feel fulfilled or it may be completely different (like being able to get outside every day or making a lot of $).

I will also add that at the beginning of your career, you will learn to pave your path. You will learn what you like and don't like about professions in your areas of interest. I encourage you to seek out internships in the topics you listed and dedicate time to researching each of the topics. On a weekend, where does your heart take you? Are you always craving music? Something else? It sounds like you need some quality reflection time.

Good luck :)

Alana recommends the following next steps:

What is your dream job?
Find an internship
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Anna’s Answer

Nobody, is a portal that offers career-exploration tools. The Holland Code assessment can also help guide you to careers that can be a good fit - just search for 'free Holland Code test" and you will get several results like

I also second Alana's advice - think of what will bring you not pleasure, but fulfillment. What is meaningful to you? In what way do you want to contribute?

Good luck!