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What degrees are needed to be a social worker?

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2 answers

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Susan’s Answer

In order to practice social work you must have at least a bachelors degree from an accredited social program.

To obtain positions which pay a decent wage ( It’s a calling; don’t expect to get rich) you will need a Masters degree. Some schools have “bridge” programs from their Baccalaureate program, so you go an extra year and receive a Masters degree... advisable!

If you wish to practice counseling privately, and be able to bill insurance companies, or provide supervision to other staff, or practice social work in a clinical setting, social workers need a Masters degree in social work, from an accredited program. If you wish to teach social work at a college or university you will need a doctorate degree.

At each level of degree you will need to receive your licensing to practice social work in the state where you are working. There are different levels of licensing. The highest level is a Clinical licensing which allows independent practice.

accreditation is very important you cannot sit for your state licensing unless you have graduated from an accredited school. The schools in New Hampshire that have Social Work degree programs are on the website for school accreditation below. It’s a good website to look up accreditation by state and degree program. Best Wishes.


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Emily’s Answer

To become a Social Worker, you will eventually need a master's degree in social work. Having an undergraduate degree in something related, like psychology or social work would be helpful, but usually not required to get into a Master's in Social Work program. You will also need to complete a number of hours of supervised work and pass a licensing exam.