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What role do you have in an multinational company, and how would you describe the work style?

Hi I see multinational employees are very busy during work time, so I want know the different roles of work in a MNC Company. #career #career-counseling #work #mnc-company #business #education #finance #business-development

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3 answers

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Claudia’s Answer

Hi Pravin,

I love that question because I am one of these people ;)
I am originally from Germany, live in Ireland since 10 years and am working for companies that operate globally with employees from all over the world and customers on every continent.
In my day to day job I work with a handful of our most important customers in Europe. Most of these customers are also multinational companies, they might have their headquarter in Europe but have lots of offices around the world. As a Customer Success Manager I am responsible to help our customers implement our software, train all their employees how to use it effectively, and continuously work with them to make sure they get all the benefits from the software. Because our software develops very quickly with new features nearly every week, I spend a lot of time staying up to date with what our product developers are working on, so I can tell my customers about all the cool new features that we are releasing that will make it even easier for them to use our software. So, I need to be up-to-date what we are doing as a company, but I also need to keep up-to-date what our customers are doing, so we understand where their priorities lie and help them where needed.
I speak to many different people every day, so yes, it can get very busy. But it is also very enjoyable, I like talking to people, building relationships and help them.

There is a lot of different jobs available in multinational companies, so I think your question will get a lot of different answers. I hope this was helpful :)

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Janet’s Answer

Hi, this is a great question!

I’ve worked in several ‘multinational’ companies. To me multinational means a company has offices outside the US, and does business outside of the US (I’m located in the US).

Our company has offices and does business in the US, Europe (EU - multiple countries), and MENA, which is Middle East / Northern Africa (about 17 countries). I love the perspectives colleagues from each of these areas bring to discussing issues, collaborating on projects, and ideas. In today’s world of on line meetings and global technology, really the biggest ‘challenge’ is finding common time on calendars when both are in the office to meet. Not a big deal. Challenges in each of these regions are different, so discussing a common solution is interesting.

My role is to select products to put into our development (R&D) cycle that have potential to be high value once we commercialize them. A product in the US may also be of value in the EU or MENA regions, so I work with colleagues there to find out if they have a market for the product. That way, the investment in development and manufacturing for the US has the added bonus sales from other markets outside the US. One of our major manufacturing sites in in Portugal, Europe. I also work with the site on various issues, such as can they manufacture the product if it’s developed, in what time line, finances to manufacture there verses in the US manufacturing facility…it’s very multifaceted. All of this is working with people from different cultures and languages. I love it.

I love the different world views colleagues bring to our discussions, so to me working for a multinational company is invigorating and interesting. Hope you get the opportunity in your career to work with colleagues from all over the world! Good luck to you.

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Kirby’s Answer

Best of the Village
"Multinational Company" is a really wide spread of companies and jobs. There are multinationals in every field of business, and every multinational has hundreds or thousands of different types of jobs. Working for a multinational is a great experience that is different than working for a smaller company.

People in multinationals can work in sales, support, development, human resources, finance, administration, management, or many other roles, so it is quite difficult to say specifically what a work style is like.

In a multinational company, your co-workers and customers may be anywhere in the world. This can add complications to your work, such as time zones and language difficulties, but it is also very interesting. Working with people in other countries always makes me feel good, and makes me feel connected to a larger purpose.

The work style in a multinational company can also vary depending on the company, the country you are in, and the people around you. Even though you work for a very large company, your work is most directly affected by those you are closest to: your peers and your managers. A manager's style has a large impact on the style of work that happens under them.

My managers are very good, which helps keep my work enjoyable and meaningful.

Working for a smaller company, I had a clear feeling of being part of a small group that had a single identity, and that felt good. However, there was always a feeling of being a smaller fish in a big ocean. There was always an underlying feeling of the the unknown dangers.

Being part of a multinational, I sometimes feel a bit lost, like a tiny little gear in a huge machine, but I also know that I belong to an organization that has many fewer risks and fears due to its size.