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Providence, Rhode Island
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Pravin Jul 23, 2016 854 views

how many hours of light speed?

science i like #teacher

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Pravin May 30, 2016 1131 views

What do you find most enjoyable?

please ask me answer #teaching

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Pravin May 10, 2016 772 views

how to make electric bulb?

please tell me answer #teaching #teacher

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Pravin May 03, 2016 2516 views

What role do you have in an multinational company, and how would you describe the work style?

Hi I see multinational employees are very busy during work time, so I want know the different roles of work in a MNC Company. #career #career-counseling #work #mnc-company #business #education #finance #business-development

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Pravin May 02, 2016 707 views

how could be I a great specialist doctor

i want be a doctor

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Pravin Apr 27, 2016 576 views

how to prepare the work?

please answer the quetion #teacher

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Pravin Apr 21, 2016 1258 views

Light passes through only in straight line, why?

i don't know the answer. please tell me #science #teacher #astronomy #career-guidance #scholar

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Pravin Apr 21, 2016 906 views

What is basic of planet

I know the planet but i don't know the basic of each and every one planet. #scientist #earth-science

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Pravin Apr 20, 2016 1256 views


Hi to all I am very interest to sports but i don't know that field job opportunities. #career #job