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i want to became softer engineer

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i completed my 9th grade #engineer #software

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Justin’s Answer


Hey Benjamin,

It's really exciting that you want to be a software engineer. It's a really fun profession, especially if you love problem solving.

There are some great online games that can help you get the basics.

Check out:

* https://code.org/minecraft

* https://scratch.mit.edu/

Once you've mastered that, I'd really recommend one of the more human readible programming languages. Look for tutorials about the python programming language.

Justin recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out an online coding game!

Charles M’s Answer



You said, "i want to became softer engineer "

I'm not sure what question you are trying to ask. Let me take a guess.
Was it "I want to become a software engineer. What do I need to become good at to be a good software engineer?"
Is that close to what you are trying to ask?

One of the things that software engineers do is solve problems. To solve a problem, you need to know what the problem is. So one thing you need to be good at is knowing how to identify the problem. That is what I tried to do when letting you know I didn't understand your question and then taking a guess as to what it was. I was trying to understand the problem you wanted to be solved. As we don't get to dialog about this, me making a guess is the best I can do.

When the problem is identified, the solution has to meet certain requirements. If the solution does not meet those requirements, the problem is not solved. You may have an excellent solution, but it is the solution to the wrong problem.

When you said "softer engineer", had I believed what you actually wrote, I would have thought you meant you wanted to be a an engineer who is soft, not a hard engineer. There are lots of ways to interpret "soft". One way is an engineer that you can get along with well, that has a pleasing personality, as opposed to a hard-nosed, person with a harsh personality.

So that tells me something else that you need to get better at and that is, spelling. As you can see, a misspelled word can cause quite a bit of confusion. Good software engineers know how to spell in whatever language they are writing. That includes the computer language. I had a lab partner when I was in college who tried to spell the word "input" as "imput". The compiler did not like that and gave him a syntax error.

Speaking of syntax, there are syntax and grammar rules for the English language. One of them is the first letter of a sentence is capitalized. Also, the word "I" (as in me, myself and I) is capitalized. Another syntax rule is that sentences end in some kind of punctuation mark. Read over your question and see if you can find where you might have violated those syntax rules.

peronally, i have a really ahrd time with these rules. unless I go back and ceck my work I leave lots of mistakes behind.

that is another, very important thing that everyne needs to learn and that is to check their work before handing it off.


Between the lines with [[[ ]]] above, I have not purposely made mistakes, but I have purposely did not corrected the mistakes I normally make, so you can see the difficulty I have, and how important it is to check your work before handing it off.

Really good software engineers are fast and accurate typists, so they get the code into the computer correctly the first time. Because it costs extra money to go back and fix mistakes that are made, they do all they can to prevent mistakes from being made in the first place. Then, they check their work to find and fix the errors that do creep into their work, so they are not relying on others to do their work for them. (as I needed to do when trying to figure out your question.) I learned that when I was a quality assurance engineer.

So one more thing to work on is thinking through your ideas, until you can clearly and concisely express them. I was a technical writer for a while (before I was a programmer), and learning to clearly and concisely express ideas was hard for me to learn.

Clearly and concisely expressing ideas, as well as good spelling and good grammar are requirements of good communication. If you put out material that does not meet the requirements, it is usually rejected as not solving the problem.

You can probably tell by my typing and my writing, I am not a good software engineer, nor a good technical writer, nor even a good quality assurance inspector. But I want to help others to be the best they can be.

Have good learning,


ps. Please find and correct all my spelling, capitalization and syntax errors.