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What requirements are there to be a crime scene investigator?

Updated San Jose, California

I want to work in crime scene investigation and would love to learn more about the profession.

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2 answers

Shannon’s Answer


Hi Tony! This is a fascinating career field!here are so many career opportunities. I posted 2 websites that you can look over to give you a little more insight about the field. You may also want to speak to your school counselor or advisor for information. Good Luck!!



Latoya’s Answer

The requirements to become a Crime Scene Investigator pertain to your background with education, and how you lived your life up to the point of wanting to become a Crime Scrne Investigator. You must have a high school diploma...and at the minimum a Bachelors Degree in Criminal justice, Criminal Science, forensics,Criminology or anything pertaining to Criminal Justice. You cannot have any felonies, some misdemeanors will not be accepted, or any arrest that relates to domestic violence and your the abuser, your system must be clean of drugs and alcohol, a strong stomach is a MUST..willing to work long hours, being equipped to take a physical exam and a psychological exam is apart of the process, because officials of Law Enforcement want to know that you can handle the job mentally, As well as physically ....This is what’s required of you once you decide to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Hope I narrowed it down for you guys.