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what technology company is best to work for?

Asked San Jose, California

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Felipe’s Answer


Hi There is a lot of ways to find and answer for your question, but you have to ask you what would you like to do when working for a technilogy company? How do you imagine your life would be when working for a tech company? I think there is no one company better than other if you are thinking about the company and your job more than what is the biggest one, because at the end the best company to work for is the company tha will make you feel happy when you go to work everyday, so I suggest to think maybe in companies that are classified as a best place to work ( like great place to work certified companies), and look what type of things make that company a good place to work and check if you like that and if that matches your expectations for your life, and then chose a company to work for. Hope this can help you Felipe

Ashish’s Answer

Updated Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Technology is something that changes every day, so its difficult to say. However, some of the fortune 500 companies that keep innovating like Syamntec, Cisco, Oracle, etc to keep up with the pace of the changes in the world and how people use technology are the best ones to go for.

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Matt’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

As others have said, technology continues to evolve, however it's best to try lots of different areas. I have in the past done gaming software, desktop publishing software and am now doing security software. I love the fact that working on software that helps society every day is very fulfilling. Even though my other jobs were interesting, they all offered different technologies and work environments.

When looking, consider big company, small company, startups, big city, not big city etc. These will all impact the types of technology as well as the job you will do.

James’s Answer

Updated Tulsa, Oklahoma

I agree with the comments above. A job that brings you joy and intrinsic motivation will provide an exceptional opportunity regardless of the technology area. One additional perspective - Generally speaking, when you are younger you have more opportunities to take jobs with risk (e.g., questionable long-term stability) because you often have fewer responsibilities. Explore more startup opportunities when you are young and learn from them.

Fady’s Answer


You can check www.fortune.com/best-companies it lists all companies that are considered a best work place and filter by technology companies. But my advice is the best place for you to work in is where you are happy with work and feel appreciated by your co-workers

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