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Day in a life

What is a normal day like for someone who has a Art degree ? #art #research #career-path

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4 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Wake up, eat top ramen, make some art, eat more top ramen, sleep, repeat.

I'm kidding, sort of.

There isn't too much you can do with an art degree in terms of career other than being an artist. Whether your field of interest is painting, photography, or graphic design, you have to figure out how to monetize your skills. For most that means becoming a freelancer and taking work as you find it. While difficult at first, it gets easier as you progress and for many it becomes quite nice, if you are really self-motivated.

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Hannah’s Answer

Hi Dayton,

I got my bachelor of fine arts in metalsmithing and I had plans of becoming an art professor. Well, after I graduated I worked for a library conservation lab at my university and I spent most of my time getting to touch some awesome stuff in our collections and getting the opportunity to repair some really old and beautiful books! In my spare time, I took some commissions to repair books for people and, when I could get access to a studio, make jewelry. A lot of conservators start out as artists, so I was among people who loved to make things but also really enjoyed chemistry and history! After a while, I got to go back to school to earn a masters degree, and that's where I learned I loved working with students in high school and college.

Now I work with students at a community college and do a lot of creative work at my job and at home. The skills I learned as an artist help me think outside the box in a valuable way. People with art degrees work in all sorts of fields, from computer science to healthcare. Heck, the FBI has an art theft team!

If you're interested in pursuing an art degree, you have so many fulfilling career options ahead of you, including being an independent artist! Just remember that every workplace needs all sorts of creative minds, so find the normal day that works best for YOU!

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Matthew’s Answer

It depends but it usually involves grinding away at that art day after day for a paycheck. This could be in a studio, working freelance, selling pieces online, or working a normal stable job and doing art because you enjoy it and wanted to learn how to do it well. Wake up, make coffee, get to work, come home, keep grinding on whatever it is you really care about until it can support you. There’s nothing glorious about the routine but the process and the payoff always make it worth the years of practice. The more effort you put in, the easier it gets and the more people pay you so it becomes easier to do on the daily.

I work in a studio so I am usually working around other artists and coders on a big project. It satisfies my love of people and I get to just put my headphones on and do great work for hours. Your routine and needs may change but there’s always a job out there for people that are passionate.

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Judith’s Answer

For myself, I always think about art in every aspect of life in order to improve it. I create wonderful products in cuisine, put on nice clothing, and design. I execute art projects when I am sure the design is really good, expresses what I am trying to say and creates a transcendent dimension in life.

When things are really horrid or violent, I express in creative ways that help me to shed the negative dimensions and still create something beautiful. I often create really incredible products for homeless children at these times after I have spent time to design something well.

We are fortunate to be artists because art is a temple to the human spirit.