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What experience do you have in Office Administration?

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4 answers

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C’s Answer


Office administration skills begin at school and they are a great foundation to start off your career in administration. I started my first job as an office administrator and learnt most of my skills on the job. I also did course in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. You can also do online courses.

So to answer your question, very basic skills but the skills are easily learnt on the job and they open you up to a whole variety of jobs.

If you have a foundation of basic office administration skills it opens you up to a wide variety of roles. The list is endless. Administrative skills and organisations skills are really sought after from companies. It takes time to develop these skills through day to day tasks and of course some outside classes if needed such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Jobs in both the public and private sector, in large scale companies and small scale. In the medical field, law, sales, technology...basically in every job sector you can think of. You can work in a job as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, Events Management, Medical Secretary. And there is also the change to really get involved in other projects when you are an administrator. It is a great role and one where career progression is huge. Good luck.

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Flora’s Answer

My first two jobs after university were in Office Administration. You need to have common sense, and be able to prioritise. Different people will ask you to do different tasks, so knowing how to prioritise these (often by asking what is most important) and not forgetting the other tasks once you have done the urgent ones.

You will need good computer skills, word documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints. Often Office Administration is teamed with some reception work, so customer service skills are important, being polite and communicating effectively.

You will be to go to person in the office, so get to know people internally (it makes it easier to ask questions of priority). A lot of the skills can be picked up in the role, or by using common sense (or google!). You can learn so much in this role, and there are lots of places that this role can take you to, its a good foundation to a career.

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Victoria’s Answer

Hi Zujey,

My first job out of university was in Office Administration for a marketing agency. My main responsibilities were to manage the day-to-day runnings of the office and be a general 'go-to' person for office enquiries, eg, processing expenses, ordering stationery, organizing team events, event submissions, managing onsite clients and customers etc

For an office administration role, pro-active, self-motivated, organized, personable and a strong communicator, would all be key assets!

I hope this helps!


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David’s Answer

Well, Zujey, every business that is profitable and exists for more than a year or two has an office that handles operations, book-keeping, marketing, and administration. So to answer your question, what experience do I have in office administration, it's probably between 3-40 years' experience - since I worked for marketing and advertising agencies for about 20 years, worked for several publishers, freelanced from my home office in-between those experiences, started a nonprofit organization as well, advised several politicians, and also worked as a college administrator and professor.

So now, my question for you, is what are you specifically trying to learn about?