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What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field of construction?

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4 answers

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Matt’s Answer

The construction industry is vast. It includes material suppliers and manufacturers, tradespeople, equipment operators, equipment suppliers, architects, engineers (civil, structural, electrical, mechanical), landscape architects, construction scientists, construction managers, schedulers, estimators, and construction assistants. Finding your place in the industry depends upon your interests, personality type, and how much education/ training you are willing to complete. There’s also facilities management, maintenance, and renovation, which I consider to be closely related and very rewarding.

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Curt’s Answer

All crafts (electricians, Ironworkers, Pipefitters, sheet metal workers, laborers and many more) have unions and these unions have apprenticeships. These apprenticeships teach people how to be a skilled worker in their particular craft. A bonus to these apprenticeships is that they don’t cost you anything. Part of the learning is on the job where you earn a living and have benefits and the other part is through classroom and hands on training at training facilities.
In addition to learning skills to be successful at your chosen craft, you’ll also be trained on numerous safety aspects of the industry, setting you up for a successful and lucrative career.
All you need to do is submit an application,their websites will direct you on how and where to do this.

Good luck!!

Curt recommends the following next steps:

IBEW.org. ( electricians)
Smart-union.org (sheet metal,HVAC)
IUPAT. Org. (Painters)

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Damien’s Answer

Hi Keyla! I'd recommend doing a Google search for construction companies in your area, calling them and asking what the different positions in their company do. Once you have had conversations with 5-10 of these companies, you will understand what areas you need to build your skills in to land a job at one of them.

This is the practice of conducting "informational interviews", and many employers are receptive to this. My advice would be to come prepared with a few questions ahead of time so that you accomplish as much as possible during your time with the employer. They are busy people and will appreciate your preparedness.

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Robert’s Answer

CURT hit the nail on the head.
The trade Unions are a great place to learn a trade and get paid at the same time.
You can also look at a stint in the military.
They also offer training in numerous fields of construction. Each branch has its own construction group. The Biggest advantage to this path is when you leave the service you are now a Veterian. This status opens so many more doors than a collage degree could ever do for you.
Think about your goals and how you want to get there. Follow the path that's best for you.