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how frequent are auto engineering jobs in the united states?

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5 answers

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Natasha’s Answer

The future of the automotive industry is filled with technological advancements and breakthroughs: for instance, connected cars that are internet enabled and linked to computing/data cloud, autonomous vehicles, hybrid and electric cars. Therefore, a future in auto engineering can still be exciting and dynamic. Over the next 10 or 20 years, you will likely keep learning (on the job or certificate programs) if you opt for a career in auto engineering.

Discover what the trends in the industry are and determine whether it makes sense to specialize in some segments, specific areas of auto (examples: hydrogen cars, batteries, auto OS/dashboard, body/color consulting, customizations, flying cars, etc).

Go on Coursera.org and find out if there are open resources about careers related to auto. Also, go on LinkedIn.com next week, type in 'auto engineering' and take a look at what kind of companies (startups or large MNC; hardware or software; engineering, research or applications) are hiring - a potential hint into the near future at least.

Remain optimistic and talk with your parents or teachers.
Additionally, your current school might think of organizing webinars for students interested in certain careers or on the future of work (growing sectors and trends).

Stay Healthy,

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Andreea’s Answer

Lots of opportunities as the auto industry is trying to disrupt itself. Given its impact on the environment, there are opportunities in building "greener" solutions. There is also a push towards driverless cars to reduce the number of auto accidents, which is still a leading death cause in the world. Most of the big tech companies are experimenting with this projects. I wouldn't say those jobs are frequent, but if you're looking at those companies they are always looking for candidates. These are pretty big investments, so it's unlikely they will stop the projects, especially in the US with the reliance on cars. At the same time, as everything is now connected, there is also a move to making cars fully integrated with digital assistants (i.e. control windows, radio etc. in your car through voice). Lots of opportunities there more from a software engineering perspective.

Andreea recommends the following next steps:

Search tech companies sites for driverless cars projects.
Look into large auto companies' investments in electric cars.

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Michelle’s Answer

Auto engineering is a vast field. You may consider narrowing your focus. There are multiple foci when you consider the environmental and supply challenges in the automotive industry. This makes the field vast. Do you want to focus on design, do you want to focus on construction or do you want to focus on making autos a better product? If so, what will you bring to the table after you've narrowed your focus?

These are types of questions you want to consider as you progress in your studies. You will find your passion. Don't go for the big dollars yet, find your passion first.

Your focus will also determine the region paying the highest wage. Again, the highest wage should not be a focus for you right now. You can earn a high wage in a region that has a high cost of living and you will be back at square one. Rather focus on intangibles such as professional development, skill development, and understanding the industry and it's needs.

If you find an industry niche you can fill, people will come to you, regardless of your location.

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Giovanni’s Answer

It can depend on where you reside in the US. One can find industries in there state that have plants that are need of automotive engineers. You can find plenty of entry positions on Indeed and LinkedIn that show where there is a need for positions in regards to your field.

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Haitham’s Answer

Each company has few hundreds of engineers. As a mechanical engineer you can do your own upgrades as a stand alone business. Many other after market parts suppliers require engineers. As a mechanical engineer, you will also find opportunities in HVAC, oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing and factories, auto industry, naval industry, aero industry and space industry, .etc