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What do you wish you'd known when you were starting out your career as a Automotive?

the experiences for start to work
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Hey Oswaldo, To help get you an answer to your question... Are you specifically asking about Automotive Engineering (there are many type)? Or are you asking about becoming a technician or mechanic? Is there an area of the automotive world you're interested in? Tom Fick

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2 answers

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Audrey’s Answer

Hey Oswaldo, My father is a mechanic so I asked him this question so I could answer your question on here. He said that he wish he knew when he was first starting out that the only person who you know can do the job 100% how it should be done is you. He learned the hard way with co-workers who did sloppy work and bosses who were careless so he quit and began his own mechanic shop. He now is self employed running his own business with no employees. I don't know if this is helpful or not not but.

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Marcos Miguel’s Answer

Car control systems, alarm systems, comprehensive security, gps