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I want to become a fashion designer. Please give me advice on how to get there? Is it a good career?

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Hi Famina, My apologies for my late response! I will tell you that the dynamics of the apparel industry have changed over the years- like anything, there are less companies. No matter...I would imagine that you are high school? I am from Boston so needless to say that there are some really good opportunities for this type of education- RISD, School of Fashion Design, I'm not sure what state universities offer as major in this field and of course school s in NYC, etc. Hopefully, you love clothes, have a good eye as to what looks good on yourself or someone, being creative. A lot of the European fashion isn't worn here as it's too fashion forward though you can get your inspiration from this! I find this to be a visual field...what colors work together, how clothes fit (or don't fit) a person. I used to go into stores to see how garments were sewn- any special seam finishes, types of stitches. Feel the fabrics. Do you like to design and sew clothes for yourself or others? I've worked mostly in the technical side of design (as opposed to the creative/ design)- patternmaker, tech designer, production coordinator. NYC still has most of the opportunities though most of the sneaker companies are in Boston. Prior to next summer, see if you can work at a company, like an internship, to get a taste of what goes on in manufacturing. If you want to contact me again, lease feel free! Best, Nancy
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Of course, you need to study fashion Design so you can get closer to fashion, spend more time researching the trench, understanding textiles and understanding the color, the Body types... after Having all knowledge and skills.., you can work on your own, or apply for a job.., yes it is a good job to me! But it is depend on each individual's talent and situation.
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