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What should I do for a career in Cyber Security?

I want to become a cyber security expert. What do I do to get there?
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9 answers

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Chitra’s Answer

Hi Giridhar,
Hope you are well. I am from Bangalore and graduated from PESIT with CS degree.I can help answer this to the best of my Knowledge.
If i had to do it from the start, I would take up a courses in computers. There are different tracks in cyber security( Risk and Governance, Threat and detection, Cloud security, application security, vulnerability management, Access management, Incident management to name a few....).
I would suggest the following:
1)Learn basics of computers/technology
2) Learn general security concepts( best is the Security Plus , as it covers all the concepts)
3) Understand basics of network
4) knowing a programming language goes a long way, as it helps in ease of analysis, automation is in great demand.
5) Attend conferences, join meet up, groups ( Ex:owasp), this will increase networking.
6) Read white papers
7) Read about few security tools

JFY: i was given an opportunity in cyber security because of my development of application background.

Thanks, Chitra. I am from Bangalore as well and am going through the process you just outlined. Much appreciated. -Giri Giridhar N.

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Eric’s Answer

Great question. There are numerous ways to get started, all depend on where you are today. First thing I recommend, check out my Cyber Security Grey Beard Podcast or YouTube Channel. I focus 10-15 minute talks for students and early professionals and I have a few talks specifically related to this question.

For a more brief answer I suggest the following:

Figure out what you like to do. Are you a fixer? Builder? Tinkerer? Why do you like information technology and what attracts you to cyber security.

1) Identify numerous areas of cybersecurity and pick an area of interest. If you don't know what's out there, start with looking on LinkedIn or via Google searches around "Cyber Security Professions." Investigate, among others, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Network Administration, Network Engineering, Firewall Administration, End Point Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Management.
2) Look into education with basic certifications focusing on A+, Network+ and Security+ -- All are CompTIA certifications.
3) Search job boards for entry level security positions with focus on SOC Analyst roles - this is a fantastic way to begin as you see a lot of different aspects of cyber security while filling one entry level role.

Good luck and check out my Podcast, I really think it will help you learn, grow and advance.

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Darshan’s Answer

It is alway good to become security expert. In order to become cyber security expert, you should have a proper degree either BE/Btech/Mtech/Mcom especially in computer science. You got to focus on security risk, how to hack the systems, how to break softwares. Learn and understand all security tools available. Need to understand how security is provided to a software application. How it can be broken.
Need to study current security trends, tools and risks.


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Sheen’s Answer

There are various areas of focus within Cyber Security. Take the time to explore areas such as network, endpoint, and threat intelligence. They are intertwined and getting a breadth of exposure will be of value before you go deep into a specific area. A career in Cyber Security is always evolving with changing threat vectors, techniques, technologies, etc.

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Anshu’s Answer

Hi Giridhar ,

Cyber security is one of the most high demand prospect in IT with ever increasing threats .

Adding to other answers I would like to add here that we should have basic understanding in networking and programming domain.

You can refer videos for learning techs like Wireshark and Linux which will be the fundamental to build your career towards cyber security.

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Cami’s Answer

Work towards achieving the requirements to earn the CISSP certification, then sit for the exam and pass it.

This will open the most doors in my opinion. I would also consider earning a cyber-related degree and pursuing other certifications that make sense based on the specific type of job you want to do.

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Raja’s Answer

Hi @Giridhar.
It's great to see you are passionate about Cyber Security.

Generic Answer: Computer Science Education would Help

To be More Specific you might need to think and explore the following topics
1. What aspects of CyberSecurity excite you
a. Like (Ethical) Hacking and figuring out vulnerabilities b. Protecting the System from (UnEthical) Hackers etc
2. Are you looking at long term preparation ( 3 to 5 years) of education or short term (like Certifications)
3. Choose a mentor from your contacts or I can connect you to professionals in this space?

All the best

Raja recommends the following next steps:

I am based out of Bangalore and my profession is around Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Protection.

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Niranjan’s Answer

Take online courses on coursera, linkedin. try interning at one of the security startups.

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Gary’s Answer

Hello, cybersecurity if a great field to get into these days and for the future. I recently worked for a company that developed cybersecurity software and my wife works for Dell that does a lot of cybersecurity work. I would suggest getting your education through local college/university or checking into online and technical schools that offer this type of training. You can find some free basic courses online to see if you are interested in the field before you commit to college or training.
good luck