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What were the most important skills you learned in culinary school?

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4 answers

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David’s Answer

I am not a culinary student but I have friends who are and I did take couple classes for fun and just to learn about culinary profession and their kitchen. So as I know and got this information from my friend(s) of what is the important skills or things they had learn from culinary school.

- How to read a recipe.
- Confidence in the kitchen.
- How to quarter and truss a chicken.
- The importance of a good paring knife.
- The superhero ingredients you should always keep in your kitchen.
- How to test and add thickness to sauces.
- How to tell when the oil is hot.
- Creativity comes from making do with what you have.
- The unexpected magic of the bouquet garni.
- How to make stock.
- Plating a dish or dessert
- Ingredient and Looks
- Garnish and more

Overall, it is about the art you are putting in the recipe or the dish. And doesn't matter what each piece of dish has their feel and art that the chef has created.

Thanks, I appreciate the info! Rachel C.

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Jack’s Answer

it has been many years since I graduated Culinary school. But as a Chef that does hiring of cooks These are the things that I look for.
knife skills
basic cooking skills like how to pan saute how to braise etc.
How to read a recipe and how to scale
math skills
knowledge of sanitation and the practice in the kitchen
how organizing your station
good attitude knowing that you will still have a lot to learn after school

Thank you! Rachel C.

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Robert’s Answer

Rachel C.,

the basic things I was taught in culinary school, was patience, listening, conflict resolution, how to multitask, as well as the basic cooking skills.

culinary school is not about how much it costs, or what the name is. it is about what you get out of it. and what you make of it when you graduate.

Chef Robert Mingus

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Lisa’s Answer

The most important skills I learned in Culinary School were the foundations of sauces, the chemistry behind why you would combine specific ingredients, food safety & sanitation, and an introduction to food styling techniques.