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Nazareth V. Aug 23, 2019 178 views

what kind of careers options are there for people in Culinary Arts?

I'm open minded to try new things, therefore that being said I am curious on what type of discussions and activities are we going to learn in Culinary Arts. #culinary-arts...


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Charles R. Aug 30, 2019 127 views

What are some basics to establishing your own establishment?

I'm 19 years old and currently attending Culinary Vocational school at David L. Carrasco Job Corps in El Paso, Texas. And will be attending Advanced training in San Francisco in 2020. I now currently have had the equivalent of 5 years in California R.O.P. training. My ultimate goal is to run my...

#culinary-arts #chef #cooking

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Dante O. Sep 13, 2019 113 views