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Hi, I'm in 8th grade, and I want to be an interior designer. I just don't know where to start though.

Every time I choose a career/passion to pursue, the career always has a way for me to be creative. I want to try interior design, but I'm not sure where to start. I want to go to the University of Cincinnati for a design degree, but I also want to make a few goals for me to reach right now. What should I do in the mean time to help work towards my dream job? #design #interior-design #career #college #after-college

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6 answers

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Mariana’s Answer

Hi Taylor,
Nice to see someone in your age already focused on your career path. I am not an Interior Designer, but I was passionate about Design since I was 10 years old. Many things crossed my mind: interior design, architecture, product design, graphic designer, etc. I did not become any of these, instead, I became an Instructional Designer, which I am passionate about:) My advice to you is to explore more design in many other aspects. Why? because you might find another career that interested you more or just will be very sure, after looking at other options, that interior design is what you really want to do. You have plenty of time to do this research. What I am saying here is what I wished my parents had told me. Also, as a grown-up, you need to think about other aspects that are important. For example: Does a career in Interior Design will fit my lifestyle? What types of jobs I will find in this field? Does it require to work on the weekends? My suggestion for your research would be: Interior Design, 3D Animation, Web Design, and Graphic Design.
So here is what I would suggest you to do:

Mariana recommends the following next steps:

Pick 4 other possible careers in the Design field to research about
write down the aspects that interests you and the ones that don't
which tools/ softwares you will need to learn? do you like math and physics?
Look for job descriptions and articles talking about future expectation in this field?
Look for people that work in these field and prepare yourself to interview them.

Thank you!! ☺ Taylor A.

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Lauren’s Answer

I think that it is great that you are in 8th grade and already thinking about what you want to be! I would start by googling local designers and ask them if you can job shadow them for a day (after Covid blows over). Once you find someone, ask as many questions as you can, maybe they will even be interested in mentoring you. Also, I recently saw an online Master Class for interior design as well!

Hope this helps :)

Thank you! ☺ Taylor A.

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Prashant’s Answer

Well its good to know you have a clearly chalked out career path in 8th grade. But I would strongly recommend you should not focus too much around it at this point. You are too young to think on those lines right now. Your immediate focus should be on your current studies and finish schooling with good. You never know you may come up with something more interesting in years to come. ;-)

If you are really inclined towards interior designing, pursue it as a hobby. Google and youtube could be a good starting point. But i doubt you will find some place that can help you gain practical exposure at this age unless you or your parents or your close relatives know someone personally.

However, my suggestion still would be to concentrate on your immediate studies for now. Who knows the idea of your dream job may change couple of years from now.

Good Luck for your future!!!!!!

Thank you for your input!☺ Taylor A.

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Hanleigh’s Answer

Hi! I think it is a good idea to start exploring careers just to see what you like, but do not out too much pressure on yourself because you have plenty of time! The best way to get familiar with the career is to job shadow. This is the best way to become familiar with the day to day work in the career. It is also a good way to interact with people in the field.

Thank you! :) Taylor A.

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Matt’s Answer

Hi Taylor,

It's great that you are already thinking about your future at 8th grade. (wish my son will do the same).

I would say choose your passion first. If you are interested in interior design, ask yourself, what aspects of interior design excite you? Is it the process of piecing all the elements together? Or is it the end result when you see a beautiful room in front of you? Digging deeper on this question will help you to decide which profession will fit the best.

Good luck!

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Elyse’s Answer

Hi there,
If interior design is your passion I would maybe start off by looking at internships or volunteer opportunities in this specific field. This would look great in a resume or in a college interview. By starting to develop the knowledge and skills related to interior design may help you in the long run when looking at schools and programs.

Thank you for your input!! ☺ Taylor A.