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How to get a Co-op Job in BIM(Construction) Industry

Asked Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Student at GBC BIM Management Program #civil-engineering #architect #construction #planning #bim #revit

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Zach’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Start working in the trades as a union working then as the years go by work your way up to superintendent or something or go Construction Management education. Construction Management Education is the way to go if you want to be a project engineer or project manager. I recommend you do some research and find a city where you know there is major construction projects going (hopefully you also find the projects interesting - For Example: I am interested in bridge and tunnel projects).

I can help with the generally flow of the application process if you have questions about that. Also as an after through you can make a lot of money working for a union. In Seattle they where paying me almost twice as much as a consulting firm would for civil engineering and surveying.