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Sam’s Avatar
Sam May 20, 2016 1054 views

What is the most used coding language?

I'm interested in studying/majoring in computer programming and I want to know what most of the professionals use as their "go to" language. I've heard that C++ is a common one because of its versatility, is this true? Thanks for any feedback and help! #computer-science #technology...

Abinaya’s Avatar
Abinaya Jun 29, 2016 1472 views

How do I know when it is time to leave my job

for my career #doctor #engineer #teacher #scientist #dancer #leader

Paige’s Avatar
Paige May 13, 2016 1082 views

How much will having a job in college help with student loans?

I've been working hard on scholarships, but I did not receive any state or federal aid, and my parents are not paying for my education. I know that I will have a lot of debt, but I definitely plan to get a job on campus. How much will it help? Will on campus jobs pay as well as off campus jobs?...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin May 22, 2016 1012 views

Is experience more valuable than a degree when seeking a job?

I have heard people say that their degree does them little good because the employer doesn't want to hire people with no experience. On the other side, some have told me that the "piece of paper" will help you out immensely. I am wanting to know the balance between these. #travel #ceo

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 14, 2016 1134 views

Is it worth pursuing pre-med for a biomedical engineer?

I will be studying biomedical engineering in college and I want to know whether it is worth going to med school later. #medicine #engineer #pre-med #biomedical-engineering #bio-engineering

Mira’s Avatar
Mira May 19, 2016 1083 views

What is the hardest part about being a researcher?

I just want some insight to my future. I want to be as prepared as possible for my field as a biological and/or neurological researcher. #college #science #job #graduate-school #employment #researcher

deepika’s Avatar
deepika May 05, 2016 770 views

now i m studying in 12 i have lots of confusions because my combination is not having much scope it s HEBA WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT for better job

there is nothing about me ,this question is because it decides my future plz heip me #career #teaching #teacher #educator

Abby’s Avatar
Abby May 07, 2016 892 views

Is it reasonable to maintain a 3.4 GPA through all of freshman year of college?

I was pre-accepted to the nursing program at my school as long as I maintain a 3.4 GPA my freshman year. This was a huge honor but I'm hoping it wasn't a trick, and that with hard work this is achievable. #college #nursing #gpa

Shellie’s Avatar
Shellie May 15, 2016 2703 views

What is the typical day of a civil engineer?

I am looking into becoming a civil engineer and asking professionals seems like the best way to attain information. #engineering #civil-engineering

Andre’s Avatar
Andre May 25, 2016 676 views

Would you recommend field experience over office experience?

I was recently asked whether I want to go the superintendent route or the project manager route, and want to know what is best for my future. #construction

Denis’s Avatar
Denis Apr 13, 2016 1176 views

What are some recommended colleges with strong Construction/ Project Management majors?

I am a 10th grader in Boston, and I work construction over the summers and on the weekends. I have interest in becoming a project manager, I just do not know what colleges are known for this specific major. #management #construction #project #labor #estate

Micah’s Avatar
Micah May 19, 2016 986 views

What are some of the major problems that most people don't think of when opening a Bar and Grill? What gets overlooked when planning and building a Bar and Grill?

I have always wanted to own and operate my own bar and grill. I have been working in the food service industry since high school, and am now getting the business background I want to help insure I understand the ins and out of the business world. I have asked a few local successful Bar owners...

Pooja’s Avatar
Pooja May 11, 2016 807 views

Engineer to Architect?

I'm current a high school senior, I am enrolled to attend UCI for chemical engineering in the fall. I plan on double majoring with CiviL Engineering. I am wondering whether it would be possible to get my masters in architecture. Does that sound that a reasonable plan? #civil-engineering...

anusha’s Avatar
anusha Jun 23, 2016 920 views

what percentage of marks should I score to get an admission in engineering?

Need guidance to become an engineer #engineering #computer #technology #civil-engineering #maths

ARBAB’s Avatar
ARBAB May 10, 2016 1239 views

How to get a Co-op Job in BIM(Construction) Industry

Student at GBC BIM Management Program #civil-engineering #architect #construction #planning #bim #revit