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How much will having a job in college help with student loans?

Asked Bakersfield, California

I've been working hard on scholarships, but I did not receive any state or federal aid, and my parents are not paying for my education. I know that I will have a lot of debt, but I definitely plan to get a job on campus. How much will it help? Will on campus jobs pay as well as off campus jobs? How do I get an on campus job? #college #jobs #job #colleges #college-jobs

3 answers

Bethany’s Answer


Hi Paige, congratulations on starting college soon. Getting a job on campus can certainly be helpful especially a student worker position. Most departments on campus that hire students are willing to work with your class schedule allowing you to work between classes. Most of these positions do pay minimum wage is offer 10 to 20 hours a week. A job on campus will help with your living expenses. A lot of students use excess student loans to help cover their cost of living. If you can find a job on campus than you can save that portion of your student loan to help pay for summer classes or you can pay it back early.

If you are looking for a job that pays more and offers more hours you may have to look off campus. Many colleges discourage freshmen students from working off campus and even if you do work on campus they don't want you to work very many hours. Your freshmen year will be a huge transition and it can take some time to adjust to college life.

As far as finding a job on campus most colleges have a career center or something to that effect. They have a list of job openings and they generally have great resources to help you write a resume and prepare for an interview. Check with the admissions office to see if your school has a career center or a job board online. Hope this information helps!

Zach’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Having a job will not only limit the amount of college loans you need to take but it willl also help you prepare for the years to come. Juggling making money and having a life is key for future success.

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Paige!

You are asking a very important question. To start with, too many people spend too much money on an education resulting in a huge loan debt that is very hard to repay.

Many times there are scholarships available that you might not be aware of. Here is a site that will help you locate scholarships: http://www.fastweb.com/

Here are some good tips about working during college: https://www.petersons.com/college-search/best-campus-jobs.aspx http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/twice-the-college-advice/2012/02/21/how-and-why-to-get-an-on-campus-job

Best of luck! I hope these suggestions help! Please let me know. I would like to follow your progress!