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what percentage of marks should I score to get an admission in engineering?

Need guidance to become an engineer engineering computer technology civil-engineering maths

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6 answers

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Keya’s Answer

Hey Anusha,

I have taken the path to become an engineer as well and can understand that it can be very confusing with so many resources out there!

what other folks have said at the beginning is accurate! Here are some steps that you can take instead :
1. If you have decided on Engineering as the path for you, I would suggest looking at the engineering colleges in the country. There are a lot of aspiring engineers out there and as a result there are a lot of engineering colleges. All of these have their own requirements - like entrance examinations that you need to sit for and clear before you can join it. So i would suggest looking at some national level colleges and some regional ones as well.
2. Once you have narrowed down some colleges, you should check what other people are saying about these colleges - you need to make sure they have a good education system, offer placement opportunities and have practical classes for the branch of engineering that you want to pursue.
3. shortlist the colleges that you like and determine the examinations you would need to appear for - some of the common ones are JEE mains, COMEDK , VITEEE, MET, UPTU etc. Some of these are for private engineering colleges and some are for the government universities. Prioritize what you can give based on your preferences of location vs budget vs facilities vs education vs placements
4. Talk to others who have done engineering as well about their journey , how they prepared and how their college is. You can talk to seniors from school, or friends who live close to you, or cousins. Utilise all the resources you have available!
5. Based on the exams you chose to give, check out their question formats, practice papers, syllabus. There are lot of coaching classes available that you can take to prepare for them or rely on remote learning materials as well like Brilliant classes.

And last but not the least, don't focus on your marks, rather focus on understanding the concepts well and understanding the format in which the questions needs to be answered and you will be successful in both your board exams as well as engineering entrance exams.

All the best!
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Akshama’s Answer

Engineering colleges usually have their own entrance exams or JEE Mains. Score atleast 150 in JEE Mains + 95% in boards to secure a good college.

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Mirsad’s Answer

It depends college/university you are planning to take admission. It is good to have 60% throughout academics. Plus you need a good score in entrance test if you are applying in India. Target high and aim for the best.


Mirsad recommends the following next steps:

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DAVID’s Answer

most college admissions want to see that you took honor or advanced placement type courses, more important than grades. Also admission is based on how well you do on SAT so you should do practice tests as much as possible, good luck

also make sure you take chemistry, calculus and physics to be prepared for college retake

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Wael’s Answer

That depends on the school you are applying for.

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Zach’s Answer

Above a 3.0 should be good for the average college.