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What are some of the best strategies you can provide people who are going into college and want to be succesfull not only in threw their journey but at the same time after their journey after college and into the real work world?

Asked Oakland, California

I want to be better prepared for when my first day of college comes up and after college i want to be better prepared so i can enter the work world or the real world with strategies to be succesfull #college #civil-engineering #strategy #success #motivation #planning

2 answers

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Find opportunities to volunteer or intern in your field of interest during the summer or breaks. This will provide you with an opportunity to see what the work is like and will help you determine if you are interested in a particular career or not. Also, it will give you an edge in being hired out of school as you will have industry related experience.

DAVID’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida

advice I gave my daughter her first days 1. stay healthy, eat right, exercise, get sleep 2. balance course work load and join some school clubs to balance social time, forget parties and drinking 3. make friends in each course you can study with, with a team effort you double your efficiency 4. go to all the course help study sessions 5. stay focused, dig your heals in especially when the first year is known as a college weed out time where many drop out 6. find friends in your same major as a support group worked, made it thru difficult first 2 years