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What is work of the navy officer?

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What is work of the navy officer because i want to be a navy officer , so i want to learn about the navy officer #teacher #police #police-officer #united-states-navy

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Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi, Good question...here is a link that will give you more information about being a Navy Officer: https://www.navy.com/joining/ways-to-join/commissioned-officers.html

Being an officer in the military means that you completed a college degree and volunteered to join the military and you will lead and be in charge of other members of the military...you can be an officer in many different career fields depending on your degree, experience and the needs of the military. Most branches of the military non-commissioned officers, basically first level leaders that may not have college and do not have a commission. Then there are commissioned officers, who have degrees and are trained/certified in their specific fields in either college or through military training.

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