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How to work from home

I love helping other in need. I love being outside traveling. I am in JROTC for 4 years. I have leadership skills #career

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26 answers

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Saidul’s Answer

Everybody has a different approach towards Working from Home. However, there are certain basics which kind of works out for everyone trying to work best with optimum productivity. Sometimes, the conditions are apt to be followed someetimes they arent, you need to be flexible to adjust accorrdingly.

You even might have bad days or good days, happens when you are working out of office as well.

So yeah, maintain a routine of going to sleep and getting up in the morning. if that isnt an option then at least get ready when you wake up and try to do all the morning rituals before starting. The best way is to do some small stretches and a little bit of cardio to wake your sleepy self up and most importantly get a quick bath, feel fresh, dress up in your comfy wear and start off your working schedule.

Do take some small breaks in between forr coffee or munching something and if you have the opportunity try to set up your meeting timings accordingly and also check your calendar before eengaging into anything major at home :P

There are plenty of professional tips being posteed across social media, search engines, youtube,etc, worth a watch/read.

Saidul recommends the following next steps:


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Medhavi’s Answer

When you think about it, there are a few things that might make or break one's WFH experience. First and foremost, get a reliable and a fast internet connection, if you travel alot make sure you plan ahead, you need power backup as well. Once you have sorted that out, the next biggest hurdle is to fix your working hours and be focused on your work during that time, else believe it or not you will end up working more hours with less productivity. Many of the answers here highlight this well. People usually have their own methods for how they stick to a schedule, I would recommend you think about what would suit you best.

Once you have taken care of these two items, half of the battle is already won. If you are like me and often need to go on calls, you will need to make sure you have a nice pair of headsets as well. And obviously try to work from a place that offers some peace and quite.

Pro-Tip : Spending some money on tech like, an extra pair of monitors, a good keyboard might be good in the long run, but that is if you are not traveling much

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AKSHAY’s Answer

Hi Jenisha ,

I follow the below approach:
Make a schedule and stick to it
Focus on what you’ve accomplished at the end of each day to keep yourself motivated
Create a dedicated workspace and let your family know that you are unavailable during work hours

Try to work all day without regular breaks — your productivity and motivation will suffer
Isolate yourself — go the extra mile to meet up with colleagues and peers to talk shop
Neglect to check in regularly with colleagues and bosses — it’s important to make yourself ‘visible’ even if you aren’t in the office

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Sonali’s Answer

The best way to work from home is to have a dedicated workplace with dedicated hours. Though, in between you can take short breaks and walk around the home to make you feel active and again let you pursue your work.

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Mark’s Answer

During my career I've worked from a great deal! Typically you would need a laptop or computer, internet access and a phone. I've never worked 100% from home, but had the ability to work from home. During COVID, working from home has become much more excepted and many times necessary.

If you're looking for specific jobs that are "work from home only", you can look at websites like flexjobs.com or fiverr.com. Again, because of COVID, many companies that never allowed remote work before are now allowing and even encouraging...

Hope this helps!!

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Somraj’s Answer

Work from home is an option available to an employee to complete their official tasks from home . This is a great benefit and ensures flexibility. This is also a great option to exercise during business continuity planning . Especially during COVID 19 times , where most people are practicing social distancing this is a great opportunity to stay productive and run the business from the safety and comfort of one's home .

Few things to look out for during work from home

1) Dependable Internet bandwidth
2) Reliable electricity connection and/or backup
3) Your Laptop / Headphone and other hardware necessary for your line of work .

I hope this helps .

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David’s Answer

You love helping others in need, you love being outside traveling, you have leadership skills but your question is about working at home or from home. What I can suggest you is working remotely where you are not lock to one place you can travel and work at the same time. Just to making sure we are on the same page since you have the passion to help other and love being outside why you want to work at home, I got the feeling that you are trying to work remotely not working at home or maybe you meant you don't want to be stuck in a building or cubicle space. There is a lot of career that you can do involve being remotely which that is a plus for you if you are looking for something like that or you can do freelance were you pick up job when you want and no one control your working schedule beside yourself.

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Simeon’s Answer

There are a lot of promising opportunities out there in web design, remote tutoring, and graphic design. Plus, the pandemic has activated a sleeping demand for remote work in a much broader selection of industries. However, I would say that the more experience you have at a company, the more likely you are to be trusted with remote work.

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Jyoti’s Answer

Hi Jenisha,

Way of working varies from person to person whether it is from office or WFH. I like WFH once or twice a week to avoid travelling stress and flexibility. But you should have a reliable internet and power back up facilities available.

It is also very necessary to stay connected with the team virtually during this time. There are many companies which offers working from home.

As you told you like to helping others and travel, you can try finding some jobs which have website works, telephonic, or any role in NGO's which would make use of your leadership skills.

Hope this helps. All the best!!

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Jennifer’s Answer

Reliable internet is crucial for WAH. Technology is one of the biggest hurdles workers face when working in the virtual environment. This can be limited availability of internet, location, bandwidth, and just the all around unpredictability of outages and crashes. Be sure you have reliable equipment and a backup plan.

Workers should be focused and disciplined, knowing that expectations are in place for telecommute employees just as they are for those going to the office. It is important to remain as active as possible, by taking breaks when you can, stretching and perhaps even going for a walk on your lunch break. A schedule should also be maintained to ensure adequate sleep and to ensure you are "clocking" in on time. If others are living in the home with you, it is important for them to understand your job is just as important as anyone else's regardless of working at home. Distractions and disruptions should be kept to a minimum to allow you to complete your work.

If you enjoy traveling, there are companies who hire associates to travel for business purposes, but also complete their work virtually, giving you the freedom of both. A consultant role is an example that comes to mind.

I have been in the WAH capacity for several years and still contribute to my team and company in a way that makes me feel accomplished professionally, and continues to utilize my skills and strengths. My team members maintain constant communication and support with each other, so I still maintain social interaction with my peers.

If a leadership role is something you are considering pursuing in a work at home environment, it is important to engage in active listening especially with your direct reports. It is critical to pick up on verbal cues and tones from your employees due since there is less face-to-face interaction. Also, be understanding of the unique challenges that they face working in this environment. Providing feedback and transparent expectations help each associate know where they stand.

Best of luck!

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Nagendra’s Answer

You described yourself as love to travel outside and still prefer to work from Home. May be i can consider this that your intention is to help people by being in remote.

If that is the case , apart from your leadership skills , learn the art of influencing people , Pranic healing, Reiki techniques - you will be able to help lot of people from your home. And this services are required for larger number of people around this world.

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Maya’s Answer


My best advice would be to combine your passions and loves while working from home, leverage the flexibility working from home enables, and drive a positive mindset to meet them.

This can be achieved with some simple principles that align with your working tasks and personal interests:
1. Set calendar time for travel
2. Define your working hours/schedule to support and balance with your personal planning
3. Love to help others? make sure you have a concrete plan of how to help (volunteering programs, specific individuals you set time to support and meet, organizations you are tied with). Be active in setting this.
4. Once in a while make sure your priorities meet your passions and make adjustments accordingly.
5. Try new things

Good luck

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Cory’s Answer

In order to be successful working from home it is important that you have several key behaviors in place. First establish a set work area and space that allows for a strong WiFi presence, enough space to allow for movement and also quiet if you need to speak with people or be on conference calls/training's. Next make sure that you give yourself a set schedule daily to stay on task and be most productive but also ensure to allow for several small breaks in the day for lunch, and mental and physical exercises. Make sure to take breaks from over exposure to your monitor and to do several quick stretches to decrease muscle tightness. Lastly make time to meet with people either in person or on video calls to break up the routine and provide a nice balance to your work.

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Nand’s Answer

Many people have already answered about having good internet connection, power backup etc.

First rule is stick to a schedule. This will help to be more productive and save you from being in front of your machine for long time. Take small breaks in between if needed and do a little bit of stretching now and then.

Based on your city of stay, you might be saving some travel time everyday, use this time for any of your hobbies, learn new skill, learn a instrument, cooking or practically anything of your choice.

Sometimes WFH can be daunting as you are not regularly meeting your colleagues, peers. Try connecting with them as often as possible, better on a video conferencing, share your experiences and learn theirs.


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Nancy’s Answer

Hi, Jenisha,
You are a leader and like helping others and travel, but you asked how to work from home. I suggest some sort of work involving websites or telephoning on behalf of non-profit organizations. Many people are in need of help, and someone with travel and leadership skills could help recruit volunteers. It is important to know social media skills and websites. Perhaps take an online course relating to online marketing, also.

Nancy recommends the following next steps:

Search nonprofit job postings
Take an online marketing class

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Lester’s Answer

Find some groups, organizations, and causes that you are passionate about and see what virtual opportunities are out there. In the current climate a lot of organizations are adapting to things like webex, zoom, etc to help you connect with others while being at home.

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Carey’s Answer

This is a great question and relevant to many right now, myself included. I had to make the change from being on the road daily interacting with many people to an at home set up.

My best advice to you is to have a plan/schedule and stick to it. Get up everyday and get ready for work as if you were working outside the home. Shower, get dressed, etc. Whatever you would normally do. Resist the urge to work in pajamas or sweats. Make a list for your day & be sure to include breaks. Try not to get distracted. I tend to leave the TV off while working, but will listen to music.

Make sure you have a comfortable work space to support your work time .

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Lakeisha’s Answer

I love working from home!! I've been working from home for 4 years now and by far one of the best things ever. First thing you want to make sure your internet connection is fast and reliable most of the time. Your internet plays the major role in doing your job everyday. Set a morning routine on how you will start your day leading up to work. Getting into a routine helps you get started each day. Lastly, take advantage of your perks from working from home. I'm able to balance my work life balance by being able to do things like cooking more or doing laundry instead of waiting on weekends when I'm off.

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Santosh’s Answer

Hi, To answer your question there are two things to consider whether is it on permanent or temporary basis. In either of the cases what you need is a suitable job or work that can be delivered from home without affecting quality and the deliverable. Since you mentioned you have good leadership skills, can try online counselling or advisory services and any other field where you can perform remotely. you must have good internet connection, laptop/desktop, constant power supply and other basic infrastructure to enable you work from home. Hope this helps.

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Sankar’s Answer

One thing I want to say about WFH, have a fixed schedule of working hours as some of us end up working more hours.

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Reshma’s Answer

Assuming you are looking for a paying job that you can work from home ..

Along with interests, you need to identify/build skills .
For example ,you can use your leadership skills to organize group travels /treks /places less explored .However to make this a success you would need to market it well, do some research ,plan the details, have good social skills ,etc .If you are into vlogging , you would need to learn photography, video editing ,etc ..You can also do freelance coding, website creation ,etc .You may open a child care centre or pet care centre from your home ..

Whatever job you choose first step would be to identify your skills ,build on it and also learn new skills ...

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Naresh’s Answer

Hi, Jenisha,

I can see that you are in a non-profit organizations which is great work irrespective of the results.

Now regarding your question of working from home, generally I will suggest you to start working in non profit org for free first and get yourself experienced in it and then start your own non profit organisation .

I will also suggest to lot of physical exercise and yoga as they will be the real backbone for careers in non profit organisation as the work is very hard and need a lot of sacrifice.

Remember in this kind of job more than technical knowledge it is the real life practice which will help.

For studies I will suggest law related studies will help most here.

Naresh recommends the following next steps:

Join free non profit org
Law and judiciary

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Anusha’s Answer

I see that you have two things that interests you most - Traveling yet working from home both may not work hand in hand most of the times.

So first try to sort out things which interests you the most.

If it is traveling that interests you most to build your career then start looking for opportunities towards it else if it is to WFH then look for those opportunities that supports your WFH career.

My sincere advice is to have clarity on what you want to work and achieve. Clearly define your short term and long term goals and work towards it.

All The Best !!!

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Debjeet’s Answer

Here's how to do WFH efficiently:
1.Choose a job which allows wfh.(obviously)
2.Hi speed internet
3.Power backup
4.Proper setup
5.Keep time for yourself and your family.We might end up working more while wfh.

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Vikram’s Answer

First thing first put the right groundwork in place

Make sure you have the tools you need to communicate and collaborate effectively.
Hardware (computer, microphone, camera) and necessary software
High-speed internet
Quiet and secure place to work
Easy access to team collaboration groups and shared drives
Create a one-to-one chat with your manager
Document preferred working hours and share with your team and partners
Document goals, deliverables and timelines

Moreover do not forget to add some fun to the schedule you are working in, I mean if it's 8 hours work time, make sure to spend at-least 15 minutes every second hour if you can.
Just take enough breaks.
Keep the family mood jolly and up.
Do not be extra protective of the family atmosphere while you are on the Meetings as it's okay to introduce someone from family accidentally jumps in the work meeting.

This sounds best answer as we follow the same. Bindu Vempati

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Ashish’s Answer

Designate a space in your home only to be used for work, where you keep your work materials & put them away at night to maintain boundaries between personal time & work. Pay attention to how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day and try to schedule the best tasks to your energy level accordingly.

Set a start and end time to your day and try sticking to it. Get up, get dressed and have a plan for your day. Allocate specific time in your day for meetings, tasks, eating, breaks etc.

At home, set expectations to avoid distractions & try to set aside focused time for work. Likewise, dedicate time for personal chores.

Take breaks away from your working space, step away to grab your coffee or tea. Take a screen break, swap the smart phone for a book or some exercise with your favorite music on.