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safina F. May 17, 2016 637 views

How do I improve in math?

Math is very difficult for me. What are some ways I can improve? #teacher #education #mathematics #math...


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sana B. May 18, 2016 565 views

How do I get better at math?

I'm in 9th std in India and would like to know how to get better at math. #mathematics #math #higher-education...


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j S. May 18, 2016 622 views

How do I improve my skills in math?

I have seen khan academy online, but I am still not able to pick up in maths as i am a telugu student. {lease refer me to any telugu academy. [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #mathematics #math #higher-education...


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Ravi T. Jun 23, 2016 582 views
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Mireia R. Jan 17, 2018 498 views
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Angelina Y. Apr 18, 2018 393 views

How do I begin to network with people?

I want to have people that I can branch out with and have solid relationships to begin my own business involving digital media and film by the time I finish college. I am currently a high school senior about to graduate in a couple months. I am planning on attending the New York Institute of...

#newyork #film #technology #networking #relationships #success

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Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 444 views

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn for high school students? Do you recommend it?

I've already done quite a bit of research on this topic, and have found that most professionals advocate for high school students to have one to increase their digital footprint (positively). I still want to hear more input from professionals, and what they think! Just to put into perspective,...

#job #career #networking #job-search #college #internship

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Murtaza H. Apr 05, 2020 719 views

What is your definition of failure?

I have seen people struggle in different ways based on the task or project we take up. Does that mean we all struggle in the same way?...


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Jenisha S. Apr 07, 2020 407 views

How to work from home

I love helping other in need. I love being outside traveling. I am in JROTC for 4 years. I have leadership skills...