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How do I get better at math?

I'm in 9th std in India and would like to know how to get better at math. #mathematics #math #higher-education #education

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4 answers

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Abe’s Answer

You can get better at math by following two paths: understanding the concepts very well, and practice applying them to problems to hone your math skills further. The more you practice, the better you become.

For the first path, to understand the concepts very well, you need to branch beyond what's assigned in school. You can look online for resources relevant to your studies, and see different ways people try to explain these concepts. The more you read about these concepts, the more your mental model of them improves.

For the second path, take your understanding, and apply it to solving math problems, either assigned ones, or others that you can think of. Practice makes perfect here, the more you attempt solving problems, the more your understanding of these concepts deepens.

Third you can branch out, and try to learn more on your own. You can look at modern algebra, calculus, differential equations, number theory, etc, whatever grabs your interest. By branching out, you'd discover gaps in your knowledge, and fill them, and get better over time.

Good luck!

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Tracy’s Answer

Hello Sana,

Improving your math abilities takes practice. If you have access to tutors, study guides, internet (via youtube.com), or the library you can use those resources to enhance your math skills. It has been my experience that practicing math problems from various textbooks and taking online math test can enhance your test taking strategies and problem solving abilities. I also found that watching videos of instructors solve the problems help me to visualize over and over again several techniques. Good Luck! #math #strategies

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Debjeet’s Answer

In order to get better at Mathematics or anything for that matter, practice is the main focus point.
1. Make sure you prepare a schedule for studying Maths everyday.
2.Stick to your schedule.
3.Prepare a list of topics
4.Categorize according to difficulty
5.Solve more problems from the difficult topics compared to the easier ones.
6. Follow this schedule religiously.

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Rakshika’s Answer

Understanding the concept before solving any problem is important. If you have difficulty in understanding the concept, you should ask your teacher to go over the concept once again for you, till you understand it or look for online help.
Once you understand the concept, make sure you practice the problems. Start with the easy ones and gradually move towards solving the more difficult ones.