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What is the difference between a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant?

I am going to the University of Indianapolis to study nursing. Though I am certain that I want to persue a degree in the medical field I am struggling to decide between becoming a nurse practitioner and a physicians assistant. What are your thoughts on this? #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #physicians #college #career #career-counseling

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Richard W’s Answer

In the workforce the end result can be the same. The primary difference is usually the way the person got to the end degree. You will find that emergency medical technicians and paramedics become physician assistants, and nurses become advance practice nurses. Advance practice in nursing is the equivalent of a master's degree, six years of study; 4 years in nursing school to get a bachelor degree, then 2 years to get the advance practice degree. Physician Assistant schooling is generally 2 years beyond the degree that was acceptable to the PA school.