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Are there any jobs for Creative Writing majors?

I'm a senior Creative Writing major at Stephen F. Austin State University. I'm close to my graduation date and I was wondering what possible jobs are out there for people in my degree field. college college-major writing creative-writing job

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8 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

There are several career fields that can benefit from good writers. Like others here, I would make sure that you can focus on something that you love. I wanted to be a published author when I was a child. I loved designing worlds with words. I am now an Instructional Designer. I write content for training people either in a leader-led format or web-based format. I get to design scenarios for training other people, a more creative process than I would have expected coming into the job. I also get to write scripts for videos to create scenarios that will help people learn their job. I believe that there are various industries from people who can wield words with power - marketing, script writing, and education come to mind. I now get to write every day, sometimes more creatively than other days. I also get to learn new skills such as videography and animation and how words can play a part in those methods of expression. These are much smaller elements than entire books, yet no less satisfying. I actually get to help people do their jobs better and that is a reward that I had not expected from my writing skill.

Gloria recommends the following next steps:

Investigate jobs where writing skills can be a benefit

Thank you. I appreciate your advice. Anthony H.

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Sari’s Answer

Congratulations on being so close to graduating. What a great accomplishment. You first have to figure out what you are truly passionate about. If social media is something you enjoy, there are social media manager jobs with different companies that utilize your skills in developing new strategies to gain users. The options are limitless in your field of expertise. You can do so many things from journalism- editor/reporter, marketing, corporate communications, to even curriculum and technical writing. You are a student in Texas, is that where you plan to work as well? If you take a look at some of the job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter, search the creative writing jobs in your area and you will see a host of opportunities.
Find something you love and believe in. Your passion will help make you successful in whatever you choose!
Good luck to you.

Sari recommends the following next steps:

Take a look at this article The writer describes a lot of the examples with details to explore.

Thank you for the article you sent me. I will look at it and do more research. Thank you for your help. Anthony H.

Sari - Very good response w/ a lot of web sites + deep information for research to help in making good decisions. Daniel Indish

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Julie’s Answer

In addition to self-publishing, you could explore freelancing for tech/science/pharmaceutical companies. I know sometimes we'd hire a writer to interview a patient or scientist about a topic then they would write up a nice story. Often people in these fields struggle to write in narrative form, so creating blogs or website content this way could be helpful.

I never thought about freelancing. Thank you for your help. Anthony H.

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Elizabeth’s Answer

My degree is in Advertising/PR and I currently work in marketing, but I've always loved creative writing and any experience I've had with it has come in handy in marketing roles. People respect the unique viewpoint that creative writing lends to business!

Definitely consider copywriting or a similar role that would allow you to write advertisements, website content, etc. It's a very fun (and often well-paying) way to make a living and to keep your writing skills sharp.

Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

Investigate copywriting internships, freelance gigs, and full-time positions.
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David’s Answer

Here are some of the job and career you may consider with your degree in Creative Writing. I just believes as long as you have gain or work in these area you will be good to set your foot in it. Cause you can do a lot with Creative Writing major from the passion and interest area.

- Writer
- Copywriter
- Journalist
- Web Content Editor
- SEO Executive
- Proofreader/Sub-Editor
- Content Marketing Specialist
- Social Media Specialist
- Email Marketer
- Public Relations
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Lester’s Answer

I graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA English degree. A lot of my coursework was centered around creative writing. I am replying to encourage you to write independently and try to get yourself published via Amazon and other self published avenues. In regards to a career/job outside of writing for a magazine, website, or any publication I searched for Underwriting jobs out of college. Ultimately my search led me into Sales where I have progressed through a corporate career and kept my writing on the side. I have a friend who did the same and ultimately his books resonated with people and he has self published seven books through Amazon and it became his full time focus. Hopefully that helps, good luck in your pursuit.

Thank you so much for your insight Lester. I will be doing more research on your suggestions. Anthony H.

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Elana’s Answer

You probably chose your major knowing it would be hard to find a position for "Creative Writer". I commend you for following your passion. Here are some ways you can incorporate your love of writing into paid work:

a. Get certified as an English Language Arts teacher and look for work in a public or private school. Charter schools are generally open to people from different backgrounds.

b. Look for freelance work as a copy editor or technical writer.

c. Sometimes not-for-profit organizations hire grant writers, either short term or for a single application.

All these things play to your interest in writing and leave you time to pursue your craft.

Good luck and best wishes.

Thank you so much! Anthony H.

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Tracy’s Answer

Hi there! I absolutely loved creative writing growing up and chose to pursue a career in Journalism to meld this passion for writing into a different career path. I didn't see myself writing books or things like that, but I did want my passion for writing and telling stories to be a part of my professional career. Aside from the others mentioned, journalism, communications, editing, marketing (telling brand stories), social media, etc. are all great career opportunities to consider if you love writing and want to ensure that's a part of your professional experience moving forward.