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I would like to take my career in animation field , what are process for it?

i have completed my 10th std #computer-software #film #animation #film-production

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2 answers

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Amy’s Answer

Hello Jordan, I'm not an animator directly but I've worked with several. No matter what profession you take on, you will need to learn the software tools that support that profession. Organizations want to hire people with tangible skills. My suggestion is that you learn different animation software tools. I found this link to 50 free animation tools: https://www.teachthought.com/technology/50-animation-tools-resources-digital-learners/.

Please let me know if this information is helpful. I'm happy to keep looking or reach out to my animator friends if not. Thank you!

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Jordan’s Answer

Offer to work at the closest animation studio you can find in your area. Or move to a city that has an internship in animation. Plus you should be animating on your own in your free time. Good luck! Oh by the way, "Luck" is preparedness meet opportunity.