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taijah’s Avatar
taijah Feb 25, 2020 763 views

where can i volunteer to get good experience?

I am currently taking classes to get into the MA program, i was wondering where is a good place to volunteer? #college #volunteer #job-search

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Mar 24, 2020 794 views

Can this count for my volunteer hours?

I am a grade 10 high school student attending Saint Mother Teresa. I love mathematics and is pretty good at it (87 average). My hobbies include playing board games, chess and basketball. Recently I was going to get interviewed to become a tutor but because of COVID-19, it got canceled and now I...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Jul 16, 2019 1172 views

How do I get hired if I have no job experience? I have animal experience but not at a clinic. How do I put into words that I have the skills needed for the job and I have the experience just not a paid one?

I want to be a vet tech. I am taking a gap year to work and get money before I head off to college( I was enrolled in a college but due to financial issues I need to stay home and work). I need the animal experience and need/ want to work at a clinic. I have no job professional job experience...

Khyati’s Avatar
Khyati Sep 04, 2019 550 views

Premed student career

Hi I am currently a premed student studying biochemistry in NYC to become a pharmacist . I have a few volunteer experiences but not any internships within this field . Where can I search for internships and volunteer opportunities within my field to help improve resume and career within my...

aniyah’s Avatar
aniyah Nov 08, 2019 404 views

what is a day to day schedule for a robotic engineer

#engineering #engineer #technology

Mundo’s Avatar
Mundo Mar 06, 2019 418 views

Technology is evolving and how can those who don't have technology progres with us.?

What can be done to help all citizens progress with technology? #tech

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Feb 01, 2019 683 views

How do you see working with computers changing in the next 10 years?

#technology #computer #computer-software

sagar’s Avatar
sagar May 12, 2016 787 views

I would like to take my career in animation field , what are process for it?

i have completed my 10th std #computer-software #film #animation #film-production