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Can this count for my volunteer hours?

I am a grade 10 high school student attending Saint Mother Teresa. I love mathematics and is pretty good at it (87 average). My hobbies include playing board games, chess and basketball. Recently I was going to get interviewed to become a tutor but because of COVID-19, it got canceled and now I need another way to get them. #math #volunteer #highschool #grade10

Ethan, were you asking about volunteering with CareerVillage.org? Gurpreet Lally

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5 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

I do not know the criteria for earning volunteer hours in Canada, but I would assume that they are not that different from those in the United States.

Based on my understanding, churches and non-profit organizations award volunteer hours to students in community services. Math tutoring is a viable option. It is unfortunate that in-person tutoring has to be cancelled because of the current COVID-19 crisis. Like the suggestions of many others, you may want to explore the online option in math tutoring. It can be done via Skype or Zoom where you can share files, diagrams, and documents on-screen. I have a feeling that virtual tutoring may be popular soon.

By the way, I also taught math online too for over a decade. I had to make adjustments in my teaching methods, but it can be done.

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Kim’s Answer


What counts is up to your school, or educational district. I encourage you to find a way to do on-line tutoring! If you are doing on-line classes, as we are here, I am sure there are parents who would welcome the help.

Something else you may look into is on-line peer support programs. I don't know the minimum age. I saw one that was all done by texting. There are many young people in need of words of encouragement right now, so, if that is something for you, that might work.

Also, if you have a church, check with them and see if there are people who need help. Many of us live alone, and, don't necessarily have close friends and family. It would be nice to have someone call once a day and tell a joke or just see if we are doing okay.

Finally, what "Counts" or doesn't count really should not matter right now. Volunteerism is done from the kindness of the heart, and it is repaid many times over in the satisfaction you derive from it.

Please stay safe!

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Amy’s Answer

Hello Ethan, A number of students are in a similar situation, where they are not able to volunteer in ways that involve interacting in person. School closures have resulted in a different need - online tutoring. There are a number of nonprofit organizations that match high school and college students to elementary and middle school students who need extra support. Here's a list in a blog about online student tutor-volunteers: https://blog.volunteercrowd.com/index.php/2020/03/22/teen-and-college-virtual-tutor-volunteers-needed/. I hope this helps.

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Ethan:

It's great that you want to continue your volunteering especially in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Here's a link to VolunteerMatch where they currently have many "virtual" volunteer opportunities. Make sure to click on the Virtual Opportunities tab.

I hope you are able to find opportunities that interest you.

~ Sheila

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer Match: https://www.volunteermatch.org/virtual-volunteering

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Abeer’s Answer

Hi Ethan,

Unfortunately, since the tutoring session was canceled (and no tutoring has taken place), it cannot count for volunteer hours.

Abeer recommends the following next steps:

However, I would suggest contacting them again and seeing if you can become a virtual tutor - tutoring through the computer instead of face-to-face - to gain volunteer hours.
If you are able to become a virtual tutor, I highly recommend documenting what you taught in that specific tutoring session and the date/time. The reason I recommend this is for you to use on your resume or when you're speaking about this for future volunteer/job opportunities.