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where can i volunteer to get good experience?

I am currently taking classes to get into the MA program, i was wondering where is a good place to volunteer? #college #volunteer #job-search

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6 answers

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Rachael’s Answer

Make a list of the local hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities in your community and take your resume to each of the ones that interest you. I have found that a lot of volunteers at the ER where I work go onto become MAs, LPNs, RNs and doctors! Good luck with your search!

Thank you so much! taijah J.

You are very welcome! Make sure when you start inquiring about volunteering you let them know what your future plans are! Rachael Socarras, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

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Amy’s Answer

Hello Taijah, You are definitely asking the right question. I interpreted MA to mean Masters of Arts in humanities, social sciences, or fine arts. However I see that others answered the questions based on a medical program. Either way, I have a resource you can use to find college student volunteer opportunities by cause area (arts & culture, STEM, health, etc.). Full disclosure, I am the founder of VolunteerCrowd which helps middle school, high school, and college students find academic-related volunteer opportunities. We have helped students find internships in hospitals. Of course, that was before the Covid-19 outbreak. Now we are directing students to online volunteering opportunities, mostly online tutoring. The pandemic is causing us all to think a little differently. So you may wish to channel your interest in the medical arena into supporting a hospital or healthcare nonprofit virtually, such as becoming a social media interest. Whatever your interests, were here to help.

Amy recommends the following next steps:

Visit VolunteerCrowd.
Read Student Volunteering in the Age of Cornavirus: https://blog.volunteercrowd.com/index.php/2020/03/07/student-volunteering-in-the-age-of-coronavirus/

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Catrina’s Answer

There are three important aspects in my opinion of choosing a volunteer opportunity:

1) The impact to the community you make; while all volunteer opportunities are noble, some make a more noticeable impact to the community. I think about serving at a low-income clinic or children's hospital vs joining a fundraising walk.

2) The relevance to your future desired job. Search your local opportunities to see if you can find one that connects to a longer term goal. One example would be if you have a desire in the future to serve in hosptial administration, I would lean towards volunteer opportunities at a large medical facility or hospital so you can not only gain connections but learn to navigate the environment. If you have are projecting to have a job in health education or school dietary roles, I would look for school volunteer opportunities.

3) Lastly, I would say how you articulate what you gained from the experience makes all the difference in adding it to your CV or not.

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Fiona’s Answer

Think about what your interests are. For example, are you interested in animal welfare, children, poverty etc. and find organisations that work with those groups. This is a great attitude to have, and you will certainly learn a lot, including about yourself, by volunteering. This shows potential employers you are keen to obtain experience and also may have developed soft skills. This will also improve your chances of obtaining internships and jobs of your choice later on.

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Kelsey’s Answer

Hi Taijah! This is awesome that you want to get good experience. I would apply to be a volunteer at a local adult or children's hospital. I would also inquire with your professors about any potential internship or shadowing experiences they may be able to recommend. Utilize the resources you have available at your college/university/program and also pick the brains of former students and how they earned their experience in the field prior to graduation. Good luck!

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John’s Answer


I would look less towards what you think would look best and more towards what your heart would genuinely enjoy. The best type of volunteer hours are the honest ones.

My wife and I enjoy learning about history and volunteering so we looked towards museums and .org sites and now we transcribe documents for historical archives from the comfort of our homes. We grab a cup of tea and sit back and go.

Do what your heart feels is right.