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If you could only choose between pursuing a career that has a high salary, or pursuing a career that you always wanted to, which one should you choose and why?

I'm still deciding my major. My parents want me to select a major that would help me acquire a high paying job, however the major I want to go into is not that high paying. #financial-planning #personal-development

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Weigh both. As an adult your ability to pay bills, provide for any children and enjoy life is in some way related to your salary. On the other hand work takes up a lot of time and it is pretty difficult to go to work everyday in a field you intensely dislike. You should weigh both of these things. Also pay is not static nor is a career. So you can teach grade high school which some may find gratifying for a few years even though this does not pay very well, but later in life become a school administrator such as a school district superintendent, which may pay better.

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Tiffany,

This is a common question many people ask themselves when pursuing higher education and there is no right answer. Some points you may want to consider are the need for an advanced degree, the opportunity to advance your career, and the chance to obtain more income. Is the field you wish to enter something that requires a college degree or could you forgo the college investment and get a job in this field through an apprenticeship or a certification program? As Michael mentioned, some careers that require a college degree may not initially pay well, but there may be the opportunity to advance your career and make a higher salary down the line. A college degree is a large investment of your time and your money and it's good you're asking yourself questions like this now. Both your potential to earn an income and your personal fulfillment are extremely important and the amount of weight you place on both of these will change at different points in your life. It's good to step back and consider your longer term goals when planning for the future.

I hope this helps!