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Are you able to double major in nursing and theater?

Hello! I am going to be a graduate of 2017 and I have a passion for anatomy as well as theater so it's been kind of hard finding which one would I wake up every morning wanting to do more. I would love to double major in both of these studies if possible. professor nurse theater college career performing-arts

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1 answer

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Tracy’s Answer

Absolutely. You must, however, be prepared to never sleep again.
Just kidding!
If you're going into nursing because you're interested in anatomy, I'd suggest you rethink that. There are lots of ways to use your love of anatomy and theatre in combined fashion (see what I did there? probably not yet). Knowledge of anatomy is absolutely necessary in designing special effects makeup
and costuming
If you dance, than you know that anatomy is necessary for understanding technique.
Think about some ways you can combine these two loves ( I also read Gray's Anatomy for fun. Do you know about the Anatomy Coloring Book?! )
Hampshire College in Amherst, MA is a University where you can create your own major, so you could design something that utilizes both. I know of people who went there and majored in Frisbee (aerodynamics, ets) and The Future (history, poly-sci).
If you're really dead set on a Nursing Degree - my thought is that both careers are just hugely time consuming. If you want a career in the theatre as a performer you can't half-a** it. You have to go ALL IN.
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