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What are some college courses that I would be likely to take in persuing marketing/advertisment?

I am very interested in the career but I'd like to know what I'm getting into. #career #marketing #job #advertising #sales

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10 answers

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Jessica’s Answer

It's helpful to take courses on a wide range of marketing topics to get a feel for what you're interested in. Marketing and advertising jobs vary greatly depending on whether you chose to work client-side in the B2B or B2C space, or for an advertising agency. Your courses and internships will help you decide where you fit best in marketing/advertising. Some of the most helpful courses I took include:

Business Computing
Marketing Analysis
Integrated Marketing Communications
Internet Marketing
Business to Business Marketing
Consumer Marketing
Financial Management
Effective Business Communication
Statistics & Data Analysis

Best of luck, Brook!

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Brittany’s Answer

I attended Umass Dartmouth - I would say take as many courses as you can to get a good general understanding of various topics. One course I personally took was Sports Marketing which was fascinating and obviously peeked my interest in the world of sports and marketing. Marketing research & analytics, brand management, consumer behavior, Communications courses, Statistical Data analysis courses, general marketing courses, advertising - these are all going to help in your career.

In the end, try try try to land an internship so you can apply some of the classroom teachings into real world practices.

Best of luck!

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Jaouad’s Answer

Hi brook ,
I studied Marketing in a French business school , some of the courses I took are :

• Strategic Marketing
• Leadership
• Audit Marketing
• Finance
• Marketing Intelligence
• Communication

Hope it helps
best regards

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Steve’s Answer

Here are the courses that I took in school for Marketing. They are:

Global Marketing
Accounting I & II
Marketing Intelligence

Any coursework aligned with the 4 Ps of Marketing would be great! (Product, Place, Price & Promotion).

Marketing is a fun career and I hope you enjoy the journey.

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Jessica’s Answer

Good question, this was my major. You don't really get into the marketing/advertising classes until your 3rd or 4th year. Most of the classes will be project centered, either by yourself or with a group. It incorporates companies that are relevant now and thriving and you analyze what they have done well or could do better.

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Rashaad’s Answer

Marketing can cover a variety of jobs so it's best to take an array of courses. From there you can further dive into a certain area that interests you. A couple of courses that I took in respect to marketing were:

Consumer Behavior
Principles of Marketing
Business Communications
Web Page Design

The names occasionally are different depending on the college you're going to. If you can, try to see if you can find the names of marketing courses from a college that peaks your interest.

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Jason’s Answer

Business Algebra
Business Mgmt.

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Charlotte’s Answer

I attended UNT in Denton, Texas. I would recommend that you take a variety of courses because Marketing covers many areas of study. Below are some of the courses that I took:

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Marketing Metrics
Marketing Research and Analytics
Personal Professional Development
Consumer Behavior
Global Marketing Issues and Practice
Strategic Brand Management
Applied Marketing Problems

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Brett’s Answer

In addition to the great suggestions above, I would recommend investing in public speaking and presentation opportunities. When you have great ideas and a new innovative approach, you want to influence others to see your vision. I've done a lot of this in my career, however, it wasn't until I was in the workforce that I began to focus on this skill, and I was normally under the pressure of some type of deliverable.

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Doug’s Answer

Liberal Arts - developing strong writing, listening, and speaking skills are highly desired by employers