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How can I help the societ?

Fluent in Englis, Hindi and Bangla
Able to work hard #career #social #social-worker #social-work #work

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3 answers

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John’s Answer

No matter where we live in the world Suddam, we are part of a society.

As members of a society, we all have the opportunity to help others in our community and world that we live in. Be mindful of the people and places around you and try to find ways you can give back to your community and their needs. You can also do things that will benefit society in both small and in large levels with help of your family, school or church: supporting charities, giving blood, working with food bank, or working to protect our environment.


BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR – Help people out during everyday life when you have the opportunity. While they may not be glamorous, small gestures of kindness at a one-on-one level are a great way to be useful in your community. When you spot an opportunity to make a direct intervention and help another person in your community, do it with a smile.

DONATIONS – Support a charity through financial donations if you have the means. When you give to a local or global charity, you’re using your money to help strengthen society and the people who live in it. Charitable giving also sets a good example for others around you, because they’ll see you giving and be more inspired to do likewise.

RECYCLE – Reduce, reuse, and recycle goods whenever possible. We all live in natural ecosystems, and protecting your local environment is an integral part of contributing to society. Recycle plastics and try to use less plastic in general. Always make sure to throw recyclable materials (e.g., drink and food containers) in recycling bins rather than trash cans.

VOTE – In local and national elections to influence society for the better. If you live in a democratic society, voting is a crucial part of contributing to both your local and national community. To be a responsible voter, research ballot issues and candidates ahead of time, and vote for the individuals and policies that you think will most directly benefit society.

VOLUNTREER – Volunteering with community organizations is a simple and effective way to help out your community. Reach out to local homeless shelters or food banks and see if they could use your help. Contact groups like the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity to find out if you can assist them with any projects in your community. Keep an eye out for any local groups that are working to improve your community and volunteer to help them out.

Remember Suddam volunteering is a benefit to your society and you.

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Constance’s Answer

Hi Suddam
Having multiple languages is a plus in any career choice. That puts you a head of the curve in whatever career path you choose.
To be successful in your career choice you should…
• Become a goal setter – by setting clear, specific and time setting goals
• Have a strategic action plan – which should be thoughtful, direction-oriented, and purposeful
• Be proactive – have the ability to take charge of your life
• Develop resilience – by choosing to persevere through setbacks, challenges, and obstacles
• Work hard – understand that to achieve an desire outcome requires an investment of time, energy and effort
If a Social Work is a degree you are considering then these values are inherent in becoming an effective social worker…
• Service – be of assistance to others to help them resolve and manage various social problems
• Social justice – by offering social support and resources for vulnerable and oppressed individuals
• Values – treat clients with compassion and respect while always being mindful of individual differences, cultural norms and ethnic diversity
• Human relationships – by understanding relationships between people are important vehicles for change, advocacy and equity
• Integrity – by maintaining continual awareness of either your or your company’s mission, values and ethical standards
In most cases, becoming a Social Worker typically requires a master’s degree and approximately 3K hours of supervised experience beyond graduation. Employment of social workers and subspecialties is expected to grow an average of 19% by 2022, which facts are driven by increased demand for healthcare services.
I hope this helps with your educational quest, best of luck Suddam!

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Jesus G’s Answer

Allow yourself to experience new things, and allow those experiences to give you ideas on how you can help society. Do a job that you never thought of doing for example. After you've experienced something others can benefit from, share your experience with others and keep an open mind.