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What to Major in?

I do not know what to major in? I like math and sports (Basketball is favorite) and some how want to tie those two things together. I'm good with sports statistics study and remembering them. #career #sports #math #basketball

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4 answers

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J.B.’s Answer

Hi Jackson, if you're trying to tie math and sports together, you could consider a major in Statistics or another advanced math field and pairing that with either a double-major or minor in Sports Management. (UCF has a renowned sports management program.) Keep in mind that statistical analysis for basketball has made major progress in just the last 5-10 years, so if I was trying to get ahead, I'd pay attention to everything being posted online by pros like Tom Haberstroh, Henry Abbott, et al. Good luck!

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Matt’s Answer

My answer will echo the one above: you can pursue both statistics and Sport Management to get a well rounded education. I did my Master's in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco and the whole cohort was diverse in background an education. Work hard and make meaningful connections at every level!

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Marie-France’s Answer

I would suggest statistics, or economics. I lean more with statistics since there is a need for it.

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Paul A’s Answer

Are you a people person or do you like to work more by yourself? This would be a major factor whether you go into the math/statistic/numbers side or the marketing/sales/mgmt side.

The above answers have great ideas to consider also. Best! Paul