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How can I be more organized in college with assignments and sports?

I struggled through high school with being organized and that is where I failed to make the most of my education. I do not want to fall into old habits when I start college in the fall. I need to learn how to manage my time more efficiently so I do not struggle through college. #time-management #organization

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Personal Space: You can’t do your work if you can’t find it. That’s why it’s essential to have a dedicated study space that is clean and clutter-free. Because dorm rooms are so small, it’s important for everything -- from clothes and toiletries to books and papers -- to be in its proper place. Bunking beds can open up floor space, while lofting them can create a quiet study alcove in the space below. Using desk shelves for books and drawers for classroom materials means books and materials are always where you need them to be. And having a cleared spot for your computer even when it’s not in the room allows you to boot up and get to work at a moment’s notice.

Goals: Setting realistic goals with measurable steps to attain them is sound strategy in and out of school. However, you need to periodically reassess your goals and adjust them to changing circumstances and deadlines. If you’ve allotted three hours for an art project that ends up taking you six, it’s time to reorganize. Likewise, when professors push back test dates, it’s time to reassess and replace intended study time with a more pressing assignment.

Calendars: Day planners remain one of the most effective tools in a college student’s backpack. Whether you choose a traditional version or a smartphone app, it's important that all your dates and assignments are in one place. You can use your free smartphone app or purchase a more sophisticated calendar app like Sunrise, which syncs all your social media accounts -- such as Facebook and LinkedIn -- and your online calendars. TechCrunch reviewer Jordan Crook gives the app high marks as a convenient to-do list and organizational tool.

Course Materials: Colored-coded file folders and notebooks for individual subjects keep assignments and notes organized. You can even use color to separate class days, designating hot colors--red, orange, yellow--for Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes and cool colors--blue and green--for Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can use highlighters to help you organize reading assignments and notes. Place colored sticky notes that match subject folders in your day planner as visual representation of your to-do list. Probably the most important tool for today’s college student, though, is your laptop. Using it to transfer classroom notes into word-processing documents or placing virtual sticky notes as quick reminders every time you turn on your computer puts your priorities where you can see them. You should always have a USB flash drive handy to ensure that your work is saved and available even when your computer may not be.

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Thank you for your query.

Few things I would focus on: 1. First and foremost a clean study table (Clean environment spreads positive energy and helps focus on what is important and would not divert attention) 2. Prioritizing the subject as High-Medium-Low based on proficiency and comfort. 3. A study board with Weekly study schedule pinned on it. (3-2-1 Model - 3 hours study for the difficult subject to 1 hour study for the easy subject) 4. Project charter - Assignment completion report 5. Sports Schedule (Practice/Match Schedule)

So based on the above points, you need to chalk out a schedule for everything you do daily not just study and sports but day to day activities which would help in better time management and also keeping things organized. Everything has to be time based and scheduled. Make it a habit and follow it religiously. Calendarize everything and anyways today's technology (mobiles, watches, etc.) are a big help in keeping up with your schedules.

All the very best.

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