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What are the most important qualities a pharmacist must possess to be successful and happy in their field?

Asked Albany, New York

I am considering going into a pharmacy related career and want to know what skills/qualities would be truly important. #health #pharmacy #hospital #pharmaceuticals #retail

3 answers

Jeannette’s Answer

Updated Ketchikan, Alaska

There are many different avenues to explore with a pharmacy degree. Retail and hospital are the most common, but clinical and ambulatory roles are on the rise, along with mail order, specialty, and a variety of other careers. First, you have to have a great memory. There is no getting around having to remember many facts about different medications. You also must possess problem solving skills, being able to piece together lab values, symptoms, and side effects to help patients. Drawing this information together is a critical part of this job. Knowing how to look up information is also an important skill. If you know which resources are trustworthy and know how to interpret the information, drug information resource skills are very helpful. In the real world, especially with retail, a great deal of patience and understanding with patients, insurance, and doctors goes a long way while being the middle man.

Mary’s Answer

Hi Joanne, what an exciting field. Do you love math? I hope the answer is yes. Attention to detail is vital. I have spent 20+ years in retail and my favorite part is assisting customers (enjoy working with the public) everyday you have the pleasure of working with different people with unique personal questions. However, you will need patience although you want to keep the pace to fill prescriptions the customer in front of you and the insurance company in the phone require your time this points to multitasking. The field of pharmacy will give you a sense of fulfillment as you help others. #pharmacycareers #retail #customerservice

Allison’s Answer

Pharmacy is a great profession. There are many avenues that you can persue. I have done retail, hospital,compounding and independent in my 21 yr career. The main attributes are the same for all. Must be empathetic, multi-tasker, independent thinker but a team player. These days ,you are studying for a doctor of pharmacy degree, that allows you to do a residency and become a specialist in a partiular aspect of pharmaceutical medicine. You can be the cardiac med specialist on a team in the hospital for example. I still enjoy pharmacy and as long as you stay current and your mind is good, you can do this job for a long time.