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What type of things do Graphic Designers do?

Updated Elko, Nevada

I love the arts, and I think this would be one of the best career paths for me, but I'm not exactly sure what Graphic Designers do. I had the opportunity to be shown the studio of a graphic designer who mostly did cartoon characters, but I know there are different kinds of Graphic Designers, I just don't know what they do. #graphic-design #web-design #graphic-designer

2 answers

Leeanne’s Answer

Updated Redwood City, California

There are many different areas to get into with Graphic Design. I myself am in graphic design school and have been exposed to the many areas that come with being a graphic artist.

1) Designing marketing and other materials (Posters, signs, business cards, resumes, invitations, books, magazines, etc.) 2) Branding - Creating logos, word marks, monograms, and company related correspondence, etc. 3) Printing - Layout for book and magazines, colour coding for print 4) UI/UX design for apps and video games 5) Character design 6) Typography (creating typfaces) 7) Web design

A lot of possibilities and ways to make your mark in this industry :)

Thank you! this was very helpful!

phillip’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Graphic designers creates sales and marketing materials, Design website help with different marketing campaign create logo.