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Is becoming a doctor better in the long run than being a nurse?

I would like to either be a pediatric nurse or pediatrician and I'm not sure if being a doctor would be easier in the long run and better for me than being a nurse. What do you do differently when you are a doctor that you can't do as a nurse? #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing #doctor #nursing #science #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

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2 answers

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Victoria (Vickie)’s Answer

Hi - Even though I am no longer in the medical field, I can tell you the difference: The difference can be - if you are a Dr. of Pediatrics and you don't work within the realm of a hospital, you have to work either in your own office or with a group of other doctors to share costs. It is expensive to start a practice and sometimes being part of other doctors is a pain. As far as a nurse, I feel that if you like MORE interaction with the kids and have a good personality a nurse is the way to go. You can work in a hospital as an RN, BSN - and earn some good $ or you can work in a Dr's office as a Ped's nurse. The interaction is different in the Dr. office - as is the pay (but it's less stress).

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Jerin’s Answer

Hi Alexandra,

Being a doctor involves study for many years and a large sum of money as fees , while to be a Nurse it takes far less time and money .

It also depends on how you wish to serve , being a nurse requires a lot of sacrifice and dealing much more directly with the patients .,so its up to you to decide what you want in life based on your present situation . Both are recession proof jobs in my opinion .

Hope this helps

Thanks and Regards

It is not unusual for some to start in nursing to find their Goals then go into med school or take advanced training to become a nurse practitioner. Ross Greek