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Shravani N. May 02, 2016 627 views

What are some of the different branches of medical science?

I'm interested in medical science but I'm confused about choosing the branch. #doctor #professors...


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Giona M. May 16, 2016 516 views

What are medical residencies like?

I want to go into psychiatry and 4-5 years of the schooling is medical residencies. I just want to know what to expect and what I am getting myself into. #medicine #psychiatry #psychiatrists #doctor...


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Rachel F. May 18, 2016 436 views

What is the best personality type for a nurse?

Is it better to be empathetic, or to just get the job done? Is it better to be task-oriented or people-oriented? etc #nursing #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare...


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Devetra C. May 03, 2017 678 views
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Jen S. Jan 12, 2019 192 views

Is it possible to pursue a master's degree or doctorate degree in clinical/counseling psychology with a psychology minor?

I'm a few semesters away from graduating with a BA in women, gender, and sexuality studies, with a minor in psychology. I was originally planning to double major in psychology, but it's going to cost me extra time and money that I'm not sure I can afford. I have been an undergraduate student...

#college-major #clinical-psychologist #counseling #psychology