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How challenging is it to reach your full potential in the medical field? Is it difficult to get tons of experience before you receive your degree?

Updated Fresno, California

I'm interested in becoming an anesthesiologist after college and these are some questions of my concern. #doctor #medical #field #medicine #science #hospital-and-health-care #career

2 answers

Deb’s Answer

Updated Franklin, Indiana
Hi Chyna! Pretty much the sky is the limit depending on what all you want to accomplish on your way to and after becoming an anasthesiologist. Depending on your undergraduate degree, if you are around a medical center, there are medical jobs available for students. If you were to decide to get your undergraduate degree in Nursing for example, you could work as much as you could handle as a student Nurse and get tons of paid experience and mentoring from professionals. You could go a little longer and become a Nurse Anesthest, or begin medical school, once accepted to become an MD and then do your residency in anaesthesia as Robert Steed already reviewed above. While in high school, it is possible for you to perhaps job shadow in the surgical area of a hospital. Best wishes in your endeavors! Love your enthusiasm!

Robert’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia
The typical time to become an anesthesiologist after college is: Medical School - 4 years, ends with receiving MD degree Anesthesia residency - 3 years The bulk of the experiential learning in anesthesia comes during residency - after receiving the MD degree.