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How much better is to Live in campus rather than commute to the school?

I am asking this question because I want to know if staying is worth the money #graduate #doctorate-degree #undergraduate #college #student-housing

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3 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Hi James!

Great question! I would definitely say it is better to live on campus rather than commute. I think one of the things that I benefited most from at college and that made the biggest impact on my experience was the community aspect of the college. Living in the dorms has many benefits, everything from learning how to live with different personalities to endless study buddies, to making life long friends.

While college is definitely about classes and learning, it is also a great opportunity to network and build connections with people who will help you throughout your career and life. I still talk to people I lived with freshman year asking for career advice and help with my work. And now some of my best friends were my next door neighbors at school.

Beyond the connections, while living in the dorms I had opportunities to talk with other students about their classes and we had meaningful discussions that helped me gain better insight to my classes or add to my general knowledge. It's amazing what revelations you can have at 2AM while brushing your teeth with your floormates.

All in all, I would definitely recommend living in a dorm, it makes the college transition easier by making you apart of the community.

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Stacey’s Answer

Hey Katie! I think the best way is to live on campus your freshman year, and off campus following years. This will allow you to get a chance to learn the campus and area- and of course make connections to live with in the future. From my experience- most people follow this trajectory with their college living experience.

Living on campus does come with higher costs- but the benefits of the convenience is definitely worth it for your freshman year. Once you learn the campus and surrounding areas better, living off campus will be a great experience to save money and experience living on your own!

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Tammy’s Answer

If you are commuting you may miss much of the college experience and involvement in study groups and extra curricular activities. And resources that are available to students on campus are more difficult to access if you are not on campus.