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How does one get a job as an Mechanical engineer?

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4 answers

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Audrey’s Answer

The biggest thing it gaining experience. Join an engineering club, find a professor to do research with, do projects outside of class, be a teaching assistant, show employers you are going beyond your grades and have the knowledge and soft skills needed to be successful in the job you're applying to.
Get LinkedIn. How you use it and choose to portray your "personal brand" is up to you, but at the very least it is a place you can record you entire work and academic history that you normally can't fit on a one page resume and stay connected to people you've networked with. It should be a place that shows who you are and the skills/experiences you have to offer for an employer.
Know people and build a network. I got my first research job because a friend of mine got offered the position, couldn't do it, and recommended me for it. I also know people who have had friends help them get their full time jobs, promotions, etc. Knowing people and keeping up connections both personally or professionally really helps open door. Always be respectful to people because you never know the types of connections that person has that can either help you or harm you. And it's a two way street too. Be kind to people, give advice, share opportunities that you think will be a good fit for someone and the same will happen for you.
Overall, build your foundation based on education and relevant experience then build your network to get opportunities to show employers that you're the person they want to hire.

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John’s Answer

The first steps to getting a job as a mechanical engineer is pursuing such a degree at a college/university. Many college programs provide co-op or internship resources that will help assist you in gaining working experience. Additionally many schools have career services departments that assist in finding jobs. Utilizing this resource will provide you with well-trained professionals that can give you personal advice and support. There are many technical companies that look for mechanical engineers in a variety of different industries. Two really good resources that will be helpful in finding jobs are Indeed and LinkedIn. Indeed is a widespread job postings site that will inform you of potential openings. There are many different job posting sites similar to Indeed that will give you a good range of potential opportunities. You can even search by region/area to find something in the ideal city! Additionally, the second resource you should use is LinkedIn. LinkedIn builds a network of business connections that you should grow and develop throughout your career. The connections you make can provide great opportunities to find potential jobs (on LinkedIn or not). One thing of note never take advantage of the connections you make, it should be a 'two way street' -- you helping them as much as they help you. Overall, taking advantage of online resources and your network of connections will provide the greatest opportunity to find potential jobs.

For students pursuing a job in mechanical engineering, find the industry you want to work in and then search companies off of that. This will allow you to search for jobs that are more directed to your interests and desired field.

It can be tough to get a job, but good grades, working experience and a positive attitude will boost your chances.

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Bri’s Answer

I don’t know much about this field but I’m sure the search is like any other after college. Also depending on what industry of mechanical engineering you’re interested in. After graduation you want to have a resume, network with people from school, family, and friends, try taking an internship for experience, do volunteer work, make sure you pass the fundamentals of engineering exam and you can go for professional engineer. There tons of job searches as mentioned from the other post. Make sure you have a plan and do plenty of research or talk to someone about your goals in pursuing this field. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Dennis’s Answer

Nicholas....the usual path is to get an engineering degree from an accredited college or university. The entrance requirements for engineering schools are fairly rigorous, so you need good math and science skills and good scores on one of the college entrance tests to be accepted as a student. Then....you study the various topics in the mechanical curriculum to satisfy the degree requirements of your school.
Along with academics, you should follow a couple of industry magazines that are in your field of interest. Join an engineering society (student membership) like American Society of Engineers or Society of Automotive Engineers, for example. Most colleges will have a student chapter for these organizations.
Learn about companies that make the products that interest you. Find out how the company does research and development, how they manufacture the product, and so forth.
Other responses addressed job searching and interviewing. Your school's Dean and your Student Advisor can help you with getting interviews and/or recommending companies that employ engineers.
I wish you good fortune in your endeavors.

Dennis recommends the following next steps:

Cultivate relationships with engineers and/or engineering faculty
Get more familiar with engineering topics by reading professional magazines and the like