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ruben Nov 03 160 views

What jobs can I do if I study mechatronics engineering?

I'm 18 years old, I am interested in mechatronics engineering
I like computers.
I am a junior.

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Nov 01 175 views

What advanced level classes are best to take just before college as an aeronautical engineering major?

I've already taken classes like AP Physics and Calculus but what other classes are important and what do schools look at the most?

Xavier’s Avatar
Xavier Oct 04 252 views

What high school class should I take to become a electrical engineer ?

Like is there main classes for it like geometry or something like that

juan’s Avatar
juan Sep 07 359 views

what to do to become a mechanic?

what will it take to become a mechanic ? what skills do I need? and what will I benefit from working under a compony?

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 31 351 views

How to study effectively as a mechanical engineering student?

I am currently in high school and I have always been an honors student but, I never study. The only time that I have actually studied was in elementary school and the beginning of my freshman year. And the times that I do ´study´, is ten minutes before my exam... Due to this, I am worried that...

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Mar 02 232 views

What are the steps to get a job on diesel mechanics engineering?

I'm in job corps in El Paso TX getting my ged where could I find jobs after i get it.
#DieselMechanics #Engineering #Career #Job

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 27 256 views

How long does it take to be a aerospace engineer?

How many years of college?

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Nov 29, 2021 403 views

What is the most challenging part of being a mechanical engineer?

#engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineer #mechanical

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Nov 30, 2021 384 views

What do mechanical engineers learn in college?

What is the course work in mechanical engineering school? How is it different from other engineering programs? #engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineer #mechanical #mechanical-engineer

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 06, 2021 317 views

Whats the best way to start in the field of Diesel mechanics?

Im a student at job corps trying to have a better life. #job #job-search #diesel #mechanic #mechanics #mechanical-engineering #engineering #engineer

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jan 18, 2020 716 views

How much math is really involved in engineering?

I suck at math but all I can imagine myself doing is being an engineer. I want to do enviornmental (which is like civil) #engineering engineering

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Apr 05, 2021 417 views

How easy was it for you to find a job interview with a mechanical engineering degree after college?


Chris’s Avatar
Chris Mar 15, 2021 285 views

Im in ninth-grade and I wanted to know if you have to learn how to pilot an aircraft before you start to engineer one?

#idk #pilot #aviation

Brady’s Avatar
Brady Nov 05, 2020 288 views

I am in 9th grade, and I am interested in many career choices. The one that has me the most intrigued is an Air Force Pilot. My question is, what would a day in the life of a fighter pilot be like?

In school, I am most interested in Math, Science, and Language Arts. Some of my hobbies include, sports, playing guitar, hunting, fishing, and playing video games. A topic that I am passionate about is that of Aviation, and Aeronautical Engineering. I have an idea of what I want to do ( USAF...

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Oct 21, 2020 240 views

As a air traffic controller, is it very stressful leading the planes through the air if there are many in the area.

My grandpa used to be a air traffic controller and from what ive heard about it, it seems like it is a job that might be fit for me. #aviation