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Aaru May 22 343 views

Which is better IIT NIT BITS ?

My goal was to get into BITS Pilani but recently i started having doubts on what gives me better opportunities and facilities. I know that the exam is easier for BITS compared to IIT. if money is not a problem, what is the best choice??

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Aaru Mar 23 762 views

How should I start my journey to learn coding and programming so that I can pursue a career in data science?

i am a complete beginner to coding and i want to pursue a career in data science. i started watching tutorials on yt but i was unable to understand anything. i figured i should start with python however it is easier said than done. what can i do??

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Aaru Mar 05 656 views

How do i make sure my start-up doesn't fail??

i am inspired by all these people i see on social media with their own start-ups and i am leaning towards being an entrepreneur, but that seems like an unstable profession.

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Aaru Mar 05 1178 views

is there any way i can improve my communication skills?

i am in 9th grade and its high time i have good speaking skills. i know that's it is extremely important for job interviews and basically leading a successful life. i don't know what to do to improve, i am scared for some reason to "speak up" as i have been told. any tips?? I may also have...

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Aaru Mar 05 588 views

How do i choose what career path to take??

I will be going in 9th grade this year most of my friends have already decided what their career will be and what they will do in the future. I, however, have not and no matter how much i try i still cant decide. To be honest, i had never taken this seriously considering our age which i thought...